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Well I am ALL for it! I haven't been this happy in years!!! I can think of a thousand reasons why I think they will benefit from it.   I actually decided to go with Summit after all cause the other 'school' I was wanting is finished for this year. I will most likely be switching to them for September though (them is Self design). I will be even happier once I can get a local group of moms together for support and lots of play dates and some field trips!!!
Hey! I just had a 1 hour conversation with summit today and will not be going with them... sighs... I don't like the way they do a couple of important things.
Hello!   I am a mom to three little boys and I have just started homeschooling my eldest! He is in grade one and I am trying to put together some information and resources. Also some new friends! Let me know if you live in my area (Mission, BC) or close by. Or if you have any starting homeschooling advice.    Sincerely,    M
Hello I am a big fan of baby wearing, but I am relatively new to it! I wore my one year old regularly before I got pregnant again and could no longer do so. I am due in about a month and for this baby I am wanting to buy a wrap! I have a sling and a mei tai that I used with my one year old. So I am wondering what are some of the better ones out there?!?!? Anyone have anything to say about stretchy vs woven materials? Anyone know any Canadian made ones? besides the...
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