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lol, you are so right! Thanks for input. I just sometimes start to freak about things because I love my kids and don't want to do them wrong.  It's easy to second guess yourself when you don' t have a support system.  Then I remembered the good people of MDC :) I always thought they could vaccinate later if they felt the need. I personally had an adverse reaction to a tetanus shot and wouldn't want them to go through that for something that they are so low at risk for. 
I chose not to vaccinate my children.  My oldest is 11yoDS and did have his first two rounds of  vaccinations before I started to study it.  My 9yodd never had any.  At the time, I did the research and was comfortable with my decision.   We have had the fights with the doctors, family, ect... but tbh, it has died down a lot to practically nothing.  We started out homeschooling but because I have mental health issues, I ended up sending them to school in grades 1 and 3...
I am a diehard unschooler but we are sending our kids to school. There are many reasons, mostly that I have been unwell, deeply depressed and things are falling apart in my home. DS possibly has aspergers and while I am glad he has interests, being asked questions about geography around the clock has me turning grey. DD is very social and needs to be around kids and there just isn't that community around here. Even putting her in everything wasn't helping (contrary to...
I wish they just would legalize raw milk! I wish I could find some locally.
I think I need to try this again. I did it for the better part of a year a while back. I found living the compact gave me a great sense of purpose. I tend to shop when I am depressed, which is a lot because of unhappy life/living circumstances. I sometimes find if I try to focus on other things, I can become more creative and maybe this is just what I need to get more enjoyment out of life again. A big problem is the kids as I find it hard to say no, especially...
Shoot, my test was negative but I had been gluten free for months at that point. He didn't say anything about having gluten in my system for the test to be more accurate and he knew I hadn't been eating it. I'm debating about the endoscopy because being gluten free has been making me feel much better.
I often cook from frozen ; I almost never thaw anything out. Bigger things I throw in the crockpot, as does stew meat but steaks and chops go right in the frying pan, chicken right in the oven. Every turkey I've cooked has been from frozen and it is always perfect.
I was wondering if it's ok to eat the bones after making bone broth? I don't have any books yet as I'm waiting for the library on them. I don't know why but I really like the crumbly texture the bones have after they've made my broth and I don't know much about eating bones in general Thanks!
I have been ordering freebies for a while as I find them online; I hope at least some of them come in time . I got them each a box of the thin mint chocolates, a can bank (the kind you can't open unless you have a can opener), a small game and I will probably get some socks and undies. I also got them each a small pkg of gummie candy as it isn't Christmas without a little candy
I too think it would be a food intolerance. I am morbidly obese and always ate healthy (not always TF but not enough to justify weighing as much as I do), but have recently discovered I cannot tolerate grains of any sort. I replace them with nut flours (particularly coconut). I would look more into that. I find losing weight almost effortless without the grains in my diet, especially if I also cut out anything starchy. Some people just cannot tolerate them.
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