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Hey ladies! I'm in need of some reviews of family physicians in Lynchburg. I need to be seen and haven't established a relationship with a general practitioner yet. Thanks so much.
Katherine Nichols from the F Read Hopkins Practice is very nice. She's not said anything negative about our delaying vaccinations for our 2 yr old. He's not gotten Hep B shots or the chicken pox vax either. She talked to us about each vaccination and let us make the decision as to weather to get it or not.
I'm doing research in hopes of having a NCB/VB2C. Can anyone tell me about these? I've never used them but have heard good things... I am also wondering about the EPO...I read somewhere that if you've had seizures you shouldn't take it!? I had seizures as an infant.
I am so sorry. Things have been crazy since DS2 arrived...busy mama over here! Well...I thought I'd found what I was looking for...but ended up not going into labor on my own and ending up with a repeat c/s. I'm mildy okay with that due to everything being so "as good as a c/s could be". BUT I am on the search yet again for a truely VBAC friendly care provider, so I've begun research on VBmC. Even though we are not expecting to expect baby #3 for a few years...I think...
Thanks so much for your reviews ladies!! I look forward to investigating this further and hopefully getting my lilest man some Amber jewelery soon.
DS1 was about a year old when I could go to bed without a bra/pads on. He weaned at 11 months.
Have any of you tried this? I'm looking at getting my 3 month old boy a necklace or bracelet to help with teething. I'm not for sure that he's teething yet, but I figure if I can help him before he starts teething, that he may not have a hard time with it when it does start.
Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you. I don't think a l/o would go hungry...so you should be fine dropping the 11pm feeding. I have an 11 (almost 12) week old and he goes to bed about 9-10pm and he eats every 3 hrs too. But at night he'll sleep for longer stretches. He usually doesn't wake to feed till after 1am or so.
When do you plan to start solids? 4 months? 6?
I bathe him when ever he needs it...which is usually 2-3x a week.
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