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Traditional Medicinals makes a Mother's Milk Tea. i've never tried it, but might be worth a shot.
Quote: Originally Posted by AfricanQueen99 I pretty much leak until weaning...do they work enough to hold it all in? If so I'll totally give them a shot. They work pretty well for me. You need to pull them off and re-stick them a couple times a day, though, because one side tends to come loose from moving around, bending, and picking the kids up. You can get them new on ebay for around $19, and they last for 2-3 months. I'm overall happy with...
lilypadz! they are the silicon nursing pads that kinda push your nipple in to help with leaking. they are the only ones i've found that don't show through shirts. otherwise, if i'm wearing cloth or disposable pads, i just try to wear a top that is loose enough not to show the circles.
what brands do you like? the gap has some, but a very small selection.
Do any of you wear tanks, camis, double layer shirts, ect, designed for nursing ? I didn't bother with DD, but with DS I'm out much more and I'm wondering if it is worth investing in a few of the nursing tops, or if they are really just a waste of $$$.
dd only slept on her tummy, there was no other way she would stay asleep. ds will only sleep on his back, or very rarely, his side. he hates being on his tummy.
DD is 3-almost-4. she's an aspies kid, and i find myself saying things that i never imagined i would, but they seem so normal to me now! "we don't pee in the playground/street/front yard" "don't stick your tongue in the baby's mouth" "too loud, too loud, TOO LOUD!" "get the cat out of the flowerpot and stop poking her with drumsticks" "we don't bite. i'm sorry i hurt your feelings, but we don't bite!" "put your pants back on!" and new this morning: "butter...
nak diego took the paci that the hospital sent home until he was 2 weeks old. at that point, one of the cats got to it and chewed it up, and diego refused to accept another one. about a week ago, he discovered how to get his index finger into his mouth, and has been soothing himself that way. i prefer finger/thumb over a paci because he can decide when he wants to suck and does not need to rely on someone else to give him a paci, them retrieve it over and over. we...
I'm just confused as to how Diego manages to get it up his FRONT! the back i can understand, but i've been having to clean poo out of his bellybutton and off up his tummy. ick! lol
NAK we are using condoms and i'm getting the paraguard copper IUD this week.
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