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What got to me last night was how much Bill takes Barb for granted.  At the end of the show he is dealing with Anna and Margene.  Meanwhile Barb seems to have one foot out the door  and he's not particularly concerned.
My dd's name is Aubrey.  I did not know anyone with that name until after I used it.  Also I'm told that their is a Bread song called Aubrey about a girl with a beautiful name.
Congratulations!! I went back to school about a year ago and hope to have my associates and start my BS studies in January. It has been amazing. I love school and would stay forever if I could.
I saw the preview for I'm pregnant and a nudist. I'm not sure how that would make a pregnancy more difficult or interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherB I like watching the show because, well, it's more natural birth than most on TV. I just watched an episode where the mom felt tons of pressure, kicked off her pants, and went to hands and knees - having no idea that she was pushing out a baby. I loved how her body knew what to do even when she didn't know what was happening. In her situation, she was 46 (?) and had a tubal ligation, so she had NO expectation of...
This was on Discovery Health last night. Did anyone see it? I missed the begining how did they end up homeless? Why couldn't they stay with her mom who was keeping their one year old? Also she said that the reason that they couldn't get assistance was because of her husbands criminal record but did that also prevent them from going to a shelter.
I loved that
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenifer76 The movie my husband calls the Wal-mart baby movie ... "Where the Heart Is" with Natalie Portman. My dh secretly loves that movie. I sent it to him when he was deployed hidden in a The MAtrix case. He gave up the pretense as the months went on and accepted all three seasons of the TV show Roswell in its original packaging.
While I do support this program I understand why some people are so unhappy. I am a NY state taxpayer in an area with pretty high taxes. We are not on assistance and we have been struggling like so many people in our area. I would love to have an extra $200 per kid I have been stressing about back to school and I understand the negativity some people are feeling. The local news asked people how they felt about the program and 85% did not agree with it. I was surprised...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dar I think poor people should be able to spend their money on the same things not poor people spend their money on... and I can buy beer with my money. If kids are suffering because of their parents' decisions, that's a separate issue, but I don't think it's right to assume that because parents are poor, they're not capable of making the decisions that are best for their children and families. I agree, I hate the...
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