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We still have not figured out car or support situation. I just want to not worry about him & focus on supporting my boys & myself. I know I can't depend on him. My first priority is finding work & I'm doing well. I got hired a few hours per week @ preschool as an assistant teacher due to the credits I received over the summer school. I am taking 9 more units this fall & I feel like by the new year things will really start to look brighter. We are doing good. Things are...
bat, your situation sounds a bit like mine. except my STBX still wants to be a part of the boys life and he is fighting very hard to have a say. I still find it difficult not to get pulled back into the control and manipulation b/c I want to show (read: prove) that I am being civil, and I am playing nice. but really....I have been civil and playing nice all along. I shouldn't have to prove myself to him. Its a very fine line to walk, don't you think? I feel grateful that...
Wombat, isn't it funny when people say things like, "ill never do that" & then we blink & realize we have done it. Fate? Genetics? Comments?
Quote: Originally Posted by LionessMom i havent posted in a while. i have been so sick and tired i just didnt feel like typing lol. but i have been reading. *feel better soon i am not sure exactly what i got but it is so tiring. my sinuses are all plugged and now my throat hurts and i am coughing up stuff from my upper respiratory. i have been drinking some great tea, eating lots of garlic, and resting, but i still feel blah. i hate being sick esp...
oooh yoga! I don't know if I'll do any actually technique, but I haven't taught a dance class in a month (stupid economy). I need to do something. My muscles are killing me! good incentive to so a morning ritual! I'll invent my own though I think!
Hi everyone. its me. I used to go my motherearthdancer, but things are hectic. I changed my name cuz DH and I are getting divorced. Have R.O. against him for DV so I was afraid he might try to mothering stalk me with my MED account name...so just wanted to sub and try go get connected again. HI! On a more positive note: I'm going back to school for Early Childhood education and in finals for 6 units!
wanted to give a quick update. I have pretty much decided to continue on with our divorce process. I've been doing a lot of thinking and then my lawyer called said that he was laid off (again although he works for union again so he just goes back to that) she also said that his lawyer said that he doesn't really need therapy anymore, which floored me. In march Therapist wrote a letter to the court saying he recommended he be re-evaluated for meds and strongly recommended...
I recently watched a dvd in my ECE class of her method and I was taken by it as well. I was curious if other MDC memebers connected with it. You can find some links on youtube if you search "conscious discipline" or "becky bailey"
I just watched a dvd about this in my ECE class. Anyone else on mothering familiar with Dr. Becky Bailey and her Conscious Discipline method?
*bump* Just wondering if there were any new local moms on this thread.
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