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Is there a free hit counter out there that can do all these things: Track current # of visitors on your site Track total # of hits, AND one where you can adjust the total # of hits. What I mean is the counter you see on the home page, with the current number of visitors, and total number of hits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neth Naneth I just looked at your site, lovely by the way, and your background is bees. On a serious note though, I am lurking because I just discovered a bees nest on my balcony. Thank you! My gosh, this thread is from 3 years ago! I have since then gone to see a hypno-therapist about my bee phobia, and I am happy to say they no longer make me run around and scream like a mad woman. Good luck with your bee...
IME they were pretty bulky. I loved the design, they were reliable too.
Bumwear are one sized diapers with snaps, made in Singapore. I believe they come in prints. www.bumwear.com Bum-ware are sized diapers, made with hook and loop closures (there are some with snaps out there, but they aren't sold anymore). They only come in solid colors, and are made in the U.S. www.bum-ware.com
You would need a snap press too, they run around $100. Carmen in Quebec sells snaps. http://snap-happy.net/ (she's closed now)
Baby it's you makes really cute contours, and reasonably priced http://www.baby-its-you.com/store/Ws...Yes&Thumbs=100
Quote: Originally Posted by eastkygal Do you have to change cloth diapers more than sposies? All diapers should be changed as soon as they are wet/soiled.
1 mil PUL is a lot softer than 2, and it doesn't make that crinkling/crackling sound like 2 mil
I have a HC store, and although I don't use it, I highly recommend hyena cart to anyone who is a WAHM type biz. I don't like to stock period, so it's not for me, but is a wonderful, wonderful place for wahms and for shoppers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Preston00 I have been very tempted to add a bit of bleach to my dipes occasionally to get rid of odor but was only going to do so on the microterry inserts. Do you use bleach on covers made of PUL? I have some Bum-ware and Very Baby AIO's that I'd like to "de-stink" but am afraid bleach may ruin the PUL....or do you think it would be o.k.? Thank you. Bleach will do nothing to the PUL, it will destroy the elastic...
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