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The Sandy devastation is breaking my heart. That mother on Statten Island... I have 2 little ones and the thought of them being ripped from my arms... If anyone wants to help, Red Cross is in urgent need of monetary donations to provide aid to the victims.
I love Coraline Mae.
I've been spotting very frequently this time from about 6 weeks onward. It starts of red and switches to brown, then goes away. It is scary every time though. The baby looked fine on the US a week ago. My midwife told me that it's common to burst vessels on the cervix and see spotting. Joy2grow, hope your little bean is growing just fine inside.
Same midwife group and same birthcenter this time. If I have to transfer, the midwife will go with me as a doula.
: I'm so sorry. I'm wishing you peace and healing.
DH and I, and depending on the time, DS may be brought in (our friends will watch him and if he is awake bring him to us) after the baby is born.
176 at 10 weeks 5 days.
I will be. We have the scan scheduled for 12 and a half weeks. I finally had my first US a week ago (after the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler) and we have 1 healthy bean, measuring right on the dates and heartbeat of 176.
This was mean, uncalled for, and totally uncool. Shameful.
I totally agree with the PP. Motherhood is not a contest in martyrdom. It is about finding a balance that allows the mother to be the best parent she can, and taking care of oneself is a very important part to that balance. For my anecdata - I went away for 3 nights on a business trip when DS was 19 months. He wasn't even nightweaned then. I was terrified. In reality, he slept well with DH comforting him and when I got home he asked to nurse. He is 2 now and still nursing...
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