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Oh, I question vaccinations. DS is on a delayed and spread out schedule, since his risk of contracting a lot of the VPDs is low due to eradication and my family has allergy history. However, it doesn't mean I think that vaccines don't work for disease prevention. The world isn't black and white.
My point is that despite not having vaccinations it was possible not to get a disease as a child, and then be at a higher risk during pregnancy because the disease is common. I appreciate that you and your children stayed home when sick with CP. That is a nice and responsible thing to do.
I grew up before chicken pox vaccinations were wide spread. People who came down with it were quarantined, not encouraged to run around and give it to everyone to establish immunity. I did not get the disease, and although I think I got vaccinated later, I am glad that the chances of my DS bringing it home from preschool are lower, now that I'm pregnant.DH had chicken pox twice. Getting the disease doesn't guarantee immunity either.Oh sure, having access to the doctor...
Sure. My maternal grandmother was forever disabled and disfigured by Polio. She lived, but she never was able to walk properly. I would not wish that on anyone. Thankfully we no longer have to worry about Polio in the US, and while I am currently delaying my son's polio vaccination, you BET he will be vaccinated for it once he is a little older.
Or really? Have the kids in the daycare room come down with a case of measles or mumps lately? Or maybe small pox?
I am not debating anything. Just pointing out the rationale for not vaccinating for what it is. Stated multiple times in this thread - herd immunity only matters if you're high risk, and since you're not, who cares, because it's not your responsibility to take care of others.
Yeah, because it's not like we leave in a society, where neighbors help each other. You've got yours and that's what matters. Screw everyone else.
Ninetales, I'm sorry. This sucks. I ended up in a similar situation with my first pregnancy. Took over a year and a half to pay everything off. I wish I had more backbone to argue with the billing department. Good luck with the phone calls tomorrow. I hope you can get these blood tests covered.
OP : When I started nightweaning I would tell DS that the nursies are sleeping and will be back soon. He did cry, but I held him and he would eventually settle. He didn't struggle as hard as your DD though, and I only had to discourage him for a few nights, before he just started to snuggle. He was also about 20 months. He now doesn't ask to nurse until after 5 am most nights. Your DD sounds more determined though, and it sounds tough, sorry. I think Cecilia's Mama is...
DS nurses in bed, but generally likes his own space when he sleeps. He nurses before sleep and in the morning. So I'm hoping I can transition him to snuggling more with DH, and seriously shorten the morning session. He still asks to nurse when he's hungry rather than asking for food, so I need to get vigilant about keeping his tummy full. He is mostly nightweaned though. Unless he isn't feeling well. I don't know if I want to get DS his own bed. I really want him to...
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