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Yep, excited and terrified here too. DS will be 2 and a half by then, so I'm hoping he will be easier too. He is surprisingly mature for his age, so it's easy to get fooled into feeling comfortable. I am hoping to make the adjustment as fair to him as possible. At least he has to share attention with the dogs now, but it's not the same since they almost always get set aside for him.
I stopped pumping around 13 months, but DS hardly drank any breast milk at daycare, so it was being dumped. It didn't hurt my supply, and I nursed him right after I picked him up. He is almost 2 now and still nurses up a storm
BaileyB, I'm sorry you're spotting. : I had some spotting a week ago and cramping on and off, and it was brown tinged CM as well. I took another test and it was reassuring to see the pregnant line almost twice as bright as the control. When I had my loss it started the same way, but the test was faint as well. This time the spotting stopped and all seems well for now. Have you tried to POAS and see how your hormone levels are?
I'm so sorry. Big hug to you.
Simonsez I'm sorry.
Hope everyone else is staying healthy - I'm feeling completely exhausted, queazy, and my head and throat hurt. And I was going to go riding today.
We heard the heartbeat at 10 week appointment, and every time since. But DS was always "look at ME!!! I'm here!!! Oh, and if you're looking - I'm a boy, look I'm a BOY!!!" :
Hi Honey693! I'm excited to share the DDC. Monterssortof - congratulations on successful IVF!!! And welcome Simonsez and Madelaine - I hope we all get to stay.
I'm a lot more teary eyed lately too. Nothing has made me cry today yet - but the day is still young.
Monkey, thanks for the welcome! I found that even after getting a baby earthside, I still kept rooting for the BSL ladies and stalking you guys, and I was thrilled to pop into the thread recently and find so many graduates (MBA, you, LTB, Lava, Kinza :joy) I'm so hoping for those veterans who are still there. The picture in the drier is my favorite - thank you! DS was about 8 month and in his fascinated with laundry state, I had to help him in - but he was so proud once he...
New Posts  All Forums: