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We're about 20 minutes away from our birth center, which is 3 minutes away from a hospital in case of an emergency. I'm hoping for a smooth birth last my first so that I don't need the hospital, but it's nice to have the option.
I love Cecilia - it's a gorgeous name. We're leaning towards giving the baby a traditional russian name (I'm russian) to connect him/her to their heritage. We'll see though. I really like Daniel for boy, but DH isn't that keen on it.
I had (have in storage) a ton of gender neutral clothes for the newborn with DS. Carter's has some nice lines (we used footy pajamas a lot) and a lot of boy clothes would work for a girl as well. I'm looking forward to pulling out my stash and going through it. Will probably wait though till I'm at least in the 2nd tri.
Good morning mamas, I had a nice weekend filled with getting house stuff done and I got decent sleep last night so I'm pretty psyched for Monday. I had a scheduled Dr's appointment (I didn't know that I was pregnant at the time) so I'm going in on Wednesday morning, I will probably schedule an ultrasound then to get the first peek inside. I'm going to go with the same midwife practice that attended my first full-term pregnancy and birth and it would be nice to have this...
What about Joshua, or Jeremy? Also Jed, Joseph (or Joe), Jonah, Jake, Jamie.
I'm pretty sure that if you start with the date of the LMP and add a fixed number you're still basing the due date on your LMP. It may be a different number than the one used commonly, but if your period is not standard length you'll be off.
This is my 3rd pregnancy, and hope for child # 2. My loss was very early (before 6 weeks) and I'm hoping that this time I have a sticky one. Before DS was born we also struggled with sub-fertility. I have hypothyroidism as well, but it is now well regulated.
I used belly bands a lot last time. They worked well for me. I had a things from Motherhood Maternity, Gap, and Pea in the Pod (for dressier stuff). Mostly I wore a lot of stretchy regular clothes - Old Navy worked really well for me. I prefered full belly jeans pretty much exclusively, they felt comfortable and I didn't worry about the falling off (I have no butt or hips to hold anything up)
So far I just get really tired for a few hours in the afternoon, and have a little bit of cramping. My first time - DS was doing a lot of remodeling at that time, so I was cramping up a storm.
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