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It's so awesome to see the Bajingo juice ladies here. I was a graduate in 2010 with DS - it too me 2.5 years to conceive (we finally conceived when I was 32) , so I can totally relate to the joy!
August 17 and baby # 2.
I'm just starting this journey, but I'm nursing my almost 2 year old. He is night weaned but nurses about 5 times a day. So far it's ok, so I'm going to go forward and see where we end up. Cecilia's Mom, I'm sorry it's so painful for you. :
Wow, your new opportunity sounds amazing. Good luck!
Hi All, I'm joining cautiously I'm about 14 DPO and got a BFP which seems to be getting stronger. We've TTC'd our # 2 for about 8 months, and we have an almost 2 year old who still nurses up a storm, so this will be interesting. I'm Marina and I'm 34.
Treeoflife - I think I love you.
I wish I had advice, but I can only offer a Good luck mama, I hope you find some answers and support soon
I have 3 moderately sized dogs and a toddler, I would avoid a very rambunctious dog, so that it wouldn't knock your toddler over if excited, but otherwise a calmer large dog should be fine. As long as it's tolerant of little kids, and of course supervised until the kid can be trusted not to pull its tail or poke it in the eye.
Yep, that's what I say too.
I do not read this post as defensive at all. in fact PP you sound very defensive yourself. Not every adult initiated interaction is detrimental to a toddler. I'm sorry that your MIL is overbearing, but I don't see the same situation happening in the OP. Just sounds like an excited grandma that is proud of her grandson.My DS is very very good at limiting games and interactions to the ones he wants. Unless you were to physically restrain him you couldn't force him to "learn"...
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