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You standards are not too high. That guy sounds like a lot of trouble, and he will be a crappy step parent to your son. He can't even be nice to his biological child, and he would have even less attachment to your boy. Run, don't look back, and protect your baby from this man. In my experience people who need to blame others for their problems do not wise up and face it. I'm sorry. :
OP, I can relate. My DS went through a phase where he hated the car, especially if we drove in the dark. I remember dreading having to get in the car to go somewhere. I generally tried singing or talking to him during the car ride so that he knew I was near, although it didn't really calm him. I did not think we were CIO though. Sometimes a baby cannot have his needs met right away and they have to wait, and it's ok, especially if you can talk to him. I think I was more...
OP, I couldn't read and not post. I'm sending you hugs and support. I hope you can talk to people around you and arrange some kind of support net so that you can get a break. You need to refill your cup too. That will make things better for everyone in your family, not just you.
No displaying 6 times makes sense, because I did my forum hopping. But I was hoping to actually reread it so .
It's gone for me.
Has the announcement been taken down already?
Yes, thank you!
Bolding mine because this makes me very mad (and forgive my forum crashing). Yes, if Mothering would post a strong statement on the front page condemning homophobia and bigotry I guess that would make homophobes and bigots mad. Is this the intended audience for MDC? Otherwise I do not understand why it is such a complicated question whether a forum wide apology is appropriate.
High fever can cause joint pain (it does for me and I can barely walk). Is the joint pain still present? I'd go with Roseola too.
I totally totally agree!
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