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Sorry - NOT! This is a response in a thread in a very targeted forum, and not even remotely close to a forum wide apology. Mothering needs to announce their official stance on homophobia and bigotry, and not just keep trying to hush up those who are upset.
DS drooled inside my cellphone and fried it.
Rightkindofme OMG, I'm so sorry for all you've been through. :cry
OP, you need to think about the effects your daughter's use is going to have on your grandbaby. She/he is going to have lots of health issues and you need to become her advocate now. Her your family's sake - getting your daughter into mandated treatment is going to help both her and your grand child in the long run.
I haven't needed anything with DS, but it is largely because of his personality. He is cautious and careful and really easy to predict, and because he's my first he is supervised a lot (He's hardly ever out of sight and even then usually I'm listening to him the whole time). I'm sure that the game plan will be different when we have our second.
I've been using the stuffed bear mirror that hangs over the backseat and it's worked really well. No glare, and if it does fly - it's a stuffed toy with a soft mirror/not likely to injure anyone.
I am so sorry for your loss Dragonfly Blue
Yikes, I certainly wouldn't leave the kids with her unsupervised. She is way out of line. I think your DP should tell her what the PPs said - that she is not to ever lay hands on your children or yell at them if she wants to be allowed near them. If she has the nerve to hit your children in your presence she doesn't respect your parenting at all and she needs to be put back in her place. Sorry you have to deal with this. And your poor DD.
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