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I agree. I became a supporting member in order to remove the barrage of ads and I'm distressed to find out that ads are inserted into the forums under the guise of legitimate discussions. I understand that everyone has to make a living so I became a supporter, but after collecting my money Mothering still subjects me to ads and highly offensive ones for that matter. I believe, in addition, that there has still been no formal site wide apology issued for promotion of...
Is there any pie left? mmmm... pie...
LOL! At least take some pictures!
Back to the original topic, because now I feel the urge to share. - I'm going to combine both my crunchy and non crunchy attributes here because they all relate. I had a natural birth at a birth center with midwives but if I had to go get a CS I would've accepted it because by then it would've likely been warranted. I vaccinate - on a delayed schedule. I generally support modern medicine when used as directed. I do my research. I work and DS goes to daycare (gasp!) I eat...
You can also just pull the bottom out of the insert and use it to sit him on so that he's not sitting on his froggied legs. Otherwise, if he's not slumped over I wouldn't use the rest of it.
We have an airplane shape sorter with the most annoying voice. "This is your captain!" ugh... shudder
edited because the thread took a more serious turn
(please don't judge - this popcorn is organic)
A lot of these things resonate with me, but a few to add - having a car with keyless entry. My previous car was almost 20 years old with 210000 miles on it. It was bare bones honda civic (nothing power) and the trunk leaked. I loved that car but it was definitely a tin can. When I was a penniless student - having a nice smelling shower gel from aveda made me feel rich. And my really nice knives that I saved for (I still have them 10 years later). Now that I'm out of school...
there are spaces in the address that need to be removed. HTH
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