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We're going to a birthing center with a group of very nice midwives, hoping for a waterbirth but just in case a hospital is only a few blocks away. I do not mind hospitals but I don't want to be pressured into interventions. This is my first child so I am not sure how things will go, so it will be good to have options.
Raw milk has been bothering me for some reason. And I love raw milk. Oh and I can't stand the smell of cigarettes -yuck! I have always been sensitive but now...
I am pretty uninspired right now - but I think I will go reheat some chile verde I made with lamb and make some rice to go with it...
I no longer fit into most of my old bras (especially if they have any lining whatsoever) I had to buy a bunch of new ones last month (yay for VS sale). That seems to have done the trick for now. I often go without at home but I do like to give the "milk duds" some support. As for the panties - most of mine are low rise and I don't seem to have any trouble at all. Of course the only place I've grown is the belly and the boobs.
Almost done with week 17 here, still nauseous but beginning to think I'm feeling movement. Yesterday I think he was squirming as I lay down on my stomach and he didn't like it. Of course I have nothing to compare to, so I am not sure. Now if only I could stop being nauseous and start being productive again. I have having to eat all the time, it feels like a huge waste of my time. :
sending positive thoughts your way...
I've been going around with a bella band - that seems to work well as my jeans are way too tight in the front. I'm also wearing dresses a lot. And warm-up pants. Still not quite ready for maternity gear though.
OMG I had the worst puking episode yesterday. :Puke I think I didn't eat enough for breakfast, but still... Made it off the bus and proceeded to turn inside out in the middle of the street. Yeech. Today I am just randomly queasy - not sure what's worse. I think that what I have is somehow connected to dropping blood sugar levels, but still sometimes even eating doesn't seem to help. Grrr.... I also love telling my DH that it is all his fault!
We're having one, it is the first kid on my DH's side of the family and the MIL is very excited. So we'll have something that will include both my DH and me. I hate being the center of attention so I am not too crazy about the idea, but the family wants one and the baby stuff would be helpful. I am hoping to have my friends and not MIL to organize it - rather have friends than distant relatives at the party.
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