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This is something I've struggled with as well. Mine are 31 mos apart. I am wearing my 2nd much more than I did my first. With DD1, I had time to try to teach her to nap alone, but now I'm busy with both girls and this is just easier. Somewhere around maybe weeks 3-6 I struggled with guilt that I just couldn't be there for DD1 the way I wanted to. DD2 wasn't napping alone and it was hard to cuddle with her and give her the time that she used to get. But you can...
If you happen to have a BuyBuyBaby around, it's a great place to buy your Ergo. I know the coupons say they're not good on ergo, but I had no problem using one for mine. They also accept expired coupons. 20% off is a lot! We regularly get these in the mail; you can sign up online if you don't. You can also use coupons and or giftcards from Bed Bath and Beyond at this store. A lot of grocery stores around here (central Ohio) offer discounts off gas when you...
PP really just said this, but I was thinking about how a household routine would help. Make sure to look at where your time is being wasted, what's draining your energy and what could be done more efficiently. Set small goals, and when they become a habit, add new ones. For example, maybe you could set a goal to make a meal a certain number of days a week. If you plan ahead, a quick but homemade meal is probably not too hard. Would DS like to help? It would take...
This isn't exactly sewing, but it's even easier! Wear a shirt with a wide, low neckline -- something that can easily push to the side for access. Then wear a tank or cami underneath. To nurse, pull the cami layer up and the top layer to the side. If you want less bulk, you can crop cami. This is my favorite type of nursing opening.
So I know that once I find a post, I can search for more from the same person. But is there some way I can just "log in" to find my posts to check for updates, or do I have to scroll through the topic until I find it?
I used a snugli which has a similar design for a while, and it was very uncomfortable. I wouldn't think you'd need to avoid it totally, but there are lots better things out there. Is returning or selling the bjorn an option? You should definately be able to get a sling or even a mei tai if you got close to retail back for it.
So I'm wondering you you stay attached to your older child when you're APing your baby. DD1 is almost 3, and she's really been fabulous, but it's so hard to give her real time when I'm taking care of the baby (4 mos) all day. I try to give her some time when DD2 naps in her crib for the first nap, but it's usually a short nap. I wear DD2 for her long mid-day nap, and for her cat-nap DD1 usually plays with DH while I finish dinner. I get to read books alone...
I roast a bunch of Roma tomatoes, onions, halepenos, and garlic in the oven or on the grill till they're blistered. Then put in the food processor with cilantro and lime juice. Add salt to taste. I don't have a real recipe -- maybe one medium onion to a dozen tomatoes, one or two peppers and a couple of garlic cloves. Everything is to taste really.
I showed DD1 the pics of the girls about her age on the computer and let her pick one.
Can anyone explain to me how kefir grains work? What exactly are they? When I make yogurt I usually put some store-bought kefir in as well for a starter. Sometimes I use only kefir as a starter, but still use the same process as yogurt-making. Now I know the method is different, but how is my finished product different than using the grains? Is there a difference between store-bought brands? I love LifeWay, but haven't liked any other brands I've tried.
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