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I showed DD1 the pics of the girls about her age on the computer and let her pick one.
Can anyone explain to me how kefir grains work? What exactly are they? When I make yogurt I usually put some store-bought kefir in as well for a starter. Sometimes I use only kefir as a starter, but still use the same process as yogurt-making. Now I know the method is different, but how is my finished product different than using the grains? Is there a difference between store-bought brands? I love LifeWay, but haven't liked any other brands I've tried.
I used to be pretty good about preparing healthy meals.... DD2 is 3months old and doesn't like to be put down. This is causing an issue with being able to make a meal. Sometimes it's a challenge to get a frozen pizza in the oven! I wear her a lot, but am not comfortable putting her on my back yet, or cooking with her on my front. DD1 is not going to bed at night. This is causing an issue with being able to prep a meal the night before. Add to this that I...
Before the nightmare about 2 months ago, DD1 (will be 3 next month) was going to bed by herself. We'd finish the bedtime routine and I'd put a gate at her door and I'd usually be back up a couple of times, but she would eventually go to sleep and we were all fine with it. Enter the nightmare. She dreamed there was "a scary guy in her room". DD2 was about a month old at the time. So I stayed with her while she went to sleep and when she woke up during the night, she...
My DD1 has been struggling a ton since a nightmare. FWIW, I think we've pretty much overcome the fear, but that now she's using it as an excuse to not go to bed. Here's some things I've done. Nightlight, keep the hallway light on books about fears play-act with stuffed animals say a prayer before bed Make the fear (for her the dream was a scary guy in her room) funny. I said he wears underwear on his head On her own she decided he would come say he's sorry...
Becky Wagner at Women's Contemporary Health Care is great. I don't know about your insurance, but she is great. I had an unmedicated birth at St. Ann's. One thing about her that I've never heard about anyone else doing, is that she stays and helps with your labor at the hospital if you're doing a natural birth. So it's like getting a doula for free, and you have someone in charge that knows what you want, so you shouldn't have to waste your time fighting with the...
Forgot to mention, and I wish I could remember this better... I think that the GBS is primarily in the intestines and is transferred from there to the vagina. So even if you get it out of the vagina, it can come right back if you don't get it cleaned out of the intestines as well. Anybody else remember this? I think that also has something to do with why you're tested late in pregnancy. Even if you took antibiotics, it could come right back.
My GBS was pos for DD1. About a month or so before GBS test for DD2 I ate yogurt or kefir everyday. GBS for DD2 was negative. I don't know if it made any difference. I may not have had it to start with, but it surely didn't hurt.
But how do I know (if buying say from ebay or craigslist) if it's real or a fake?
Someone mentioned that there are a lot of knockoff ergos on ebay and craigslist. Is there a way to tell the difference?
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