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You could always say something like "Oh, we're actually practicing attachment parenting. You can look up information about it online (insert mothering.com pitch here), and when I have more time I'd love to talk to you about it. The benefits are so wonderful for just a little bit of extra time in the beginning."
I have very little memory of this, but my mother tells me she potty trained me at a very stubborn 4 years old by making me "swish" my own cloth diapers in the toilet. She told me I could wear diapers as long as I wanted to, but I would have to start swishing out the poop in the toilet before i put them in the diaper bucket because she had my younger sister's diapers to change and I believe she was also pregnant. Took about 24 hours before I decided I wanted nothing to do...
There are baby positioners that you can get at places like Target. Basically they keep the baby where you put him (at least until they can roll over or move around on their own really well) and also keep him face-up. They're basically just a couple wedge shaped pieces of foam? or something with a pad in the middle and only the upper half of the baby is between them--the legs are free. I'm planning on using one just because my DH sleeps like the dead and he needs a...
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