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Thanks, claddaghmom! I forgot how scary the DTaP was... Scarier than WC!
Thanks for the reassurances everyone! I have calmed down significantly. Gotta run and take care of my gooey-faced baby now...
Yeah.. I keep thinking "hey wait, he's EBF. He's not SUPPOSED to get sick!"
DS (6 mos old) has been fighting off a nasty, gooey cold for the past couple weeks and I think I just passed on the cough that I've been fighting off. This morning he woke up coughing. Logic and rationality have gone out the window. So of course the first thought I have is "HE HAS PERTUSSIS HE IS GOING TO DIE IT IS ALL MY FAULT AND I'M THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD FOR CHOOSING NOT TO VACCINATE" Um... could someone make me feel all better?
Resurrecting this thread to ask you guys who bike with babes--how soon can you put one in a weeride? Our 6 m/o is well on his way to sitting up unassisted (he already can, but if he lunges for something, he faceplants...) We'd like to put him in a weeride before his first birthday, but obviously I'm going to go the safest route. He's a big chunky strong baby and I think he'd be ok in a month or so. Any thoughts?
Thanks for all the replies! I've been using the tablets, but sometimes the plain cammimilia(sp?) tablets instead. Either one seems to calm him down. I've ordered an amber necklace, but it hasn't gotten here yet. I'm glad that incident was a hoax. I'm personally not worried about the amounts of belladonna--many homeopathic treatments would be poisonous if they were using any large amount of the stuff. It's kind of the point. But that's a whole other discussion. ...
Thanks for all the replies! One thing I do know, I want to start signing with him soon! Still figuring out a good word to use... Or at least something to start with until he starts talking and possibly mangles it into his own creation.
Safe? Not safe? DS is teething like a madman and I'm using hylands teething tablets but I'm wondering if he needs more to help him sleep better at night. Currently he nurses every 2 hours. All day. All night. Starting to wear me out a bit. I'll deal with it if it's better for him--I can nap with him so sleep deprivation isn't TOO horrible, but if he could just get a 4 or 5 hour chunk of sleep at night that'd be fabulous. He's 5 m/o. thanks!
While I don't think I did quite as much research as you, autism didn't factor in my decision either. YES it's annoying when people automatically think that! Grrr...
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