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I think so... because there are cats that have low levels of Fel D1 but still have dander, KWIM? So if it were a dander allergy then a hairless cat would be an option. I guess I'll try to find an allergist to ask.
Not sure if this is the right forum for this but here goes... Does anyone know if there is a way to test whether or not someone is allergic to the Fel D1 protein as opposed to general cat dander? TIA!
I wish I could make it but unfortunately I have a conference in Austin that weekend. I'm sure it will be fantastic!
Quote: Originally Posted by homewithtwinsmama YIKES! That just seems like overkill and overly painful. I have rarely found I needed another stick. One stick properly placed on the side of the heel on a well warmed foot/upright baby/wipe the first drop and be patient for the drops to come works fine for me. It's not overkill at all. I defer to Erika who has done hundreds of PKUs; I have only done dozens, but I can tell you my before Erika...
I'm here! Feel free to PM or email me if you want to chat. Amy Carolinamidwife@gmail.com
Yeah, what Erika said. You want to be on the schedule though, KWIM? You're there to get all that experience so when you're on for a 24 you're just psyched about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetsadie77 I was initially taught to double poke the baby quickly to make an X on the foot, and it worked great. But the new safety lancets, which are all we can get, will only do one poke. Its too fiddly, and expensive to use two or three pokers per newborn screen unless we have to. Yeah, obviously my method won't work with one use only devices.
Well, my method will probably seem cruel but I really believe the faster you can get the whole process over with the better. FTR, I learned this method from another MDC midwife whose screen name I shall not reveal, lol. Warm the whole baby. Have someone hold the baby (mother's choice) facing out, straight up and down. Warm the foot extra if you can. Poke in the outer 1/3 of the foot... I know some say to poke in the center but I think the outer 3rd of the foot is...
Quote: Originally Posted by MidwifeErika I have seen a pretty good mix, probably about what completebeginnings stated.... although, I think a bit less than 25% in the naked category.... maybe more like 10%? I am not real sure and it is not something I keep stats on Oh come on, yes you do, I have seen your pube stats book. I have seen way more natural than groomed; occasionally there will be the totally shaved client but more often than not...
Thank you, Sharon, that was super helpful and really nice of you.
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