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There is a ped in g-boro named Dr. Bodey... he's no vax, ap friendly. I will try to find out his contact info or maybe someone will show up here.
Hai, I think she's actually asking for me. Due to a paperwork snafu we lost our son's spot at the year-round school and the school he is assigned to is unacceptable to us. We're looking at homeschooling for 6th grade and then reapplying him for the lottery next year. My main concerns were being unsure if we could apply for a lottery spot from a homeschool and also what would become of his standing the academically gifted program. He's been in AIG for 3 years and...
Quote: Originally Posted by mwherbs Carolinamidwife I have the same type of doppler as you- and wish I had a water proof probe but to buy a waterproof probe it costs 300$ one of the midwives I work with has had this water proof doppler and it works great- one of the things I really like about it is that the probe is shorter than the Huntleigh and so it can be easier to get heart tones sometimes and not have mom...
Mine is like this one except it has a handle and a double speaker: http://www.1cascade.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=2574 Sigh. Yes. Everything is so expensive! Maybe if someone ever pays me I will use that to buy a new doppler, lol.
OMG, yes, Deb! Deb is awesome. I usually measure midwives on whether or not I would hire them and I would 100% hire Deb.
Hey MidwifeErika, I called you earlier today and left you a rambling message you probably couldn't understand. I do want to buy a new one but if you could see how much I have spent this month on midwifery gibber you'd understand my hesitancy. I really love my current doppler and I got a HUGE deal on it (think $600 doppler I got for about $150) but I guess I will break down and start over-researching which waterproof one to buy.
I can give you a name but I am not sure if my contact info for her is correct. I will PM you... and also try to get updated contact info for her. -Amy
Quote: Originally Posted by pinky Dain Vines at Family-Centerd Healthcare in Hillsborough--he delivers babies at Durham Regional. I don't have any first-hand experience with him in that capacity, but he is our regular doctor--and he has a reputation as being a "male midwife." What she said. I love Dr. Vines. He's our dr and he and I have chatted about birth and he related some anecdotes to me about nurses having to catch because he's...
Are they serged or turned and topstitched? I can do it for you if they are T&T but I can't live through ripping out serging.
Quote: Originally Posted by mwherbs you want them for water births? what we have used in the past-put some gel into a long armed glove(the kind for waterbirths-could be veterinary gloves)and then put the probe in and to keep it stretched along the cord- use something to hold it like a rubberband or some duct tape -- Yes, actually, I was thinking of something along that line. I know I'm not crazy... there used to exist probe covers way back...
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