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Does anyone know where to find waterproof probe covers for dopplers? I cannot seem to locate any. TIA! Amy
Specifically Rogers-Herr or Lakewood Montessori? Dh was selected in the lottery to go to either of those schools... he votes for Rogers-Herr because he thinks more of his friends will be there but I feel we should weigh more than friends in the decision. Anyone?
OK, I have not personally had experience birthing with them (although I get my well woman at the birth center) but I have a friend who had a fabulous experience with them. I actually have a lot of friends who had good experiences with them but this one particular stands out to me... She ended up transporting from the birth center and delivering at UNC (so, to me her experience covers both place, KWIM?) and her midwife stayed with her, went to bat for her, and made sure...
We had no troubles either. I printed a standard religious form I got off this board and they never even mentioned it. You do still have to have a school physical though and they will ride you until you get that turned in.
So, those of you who have pools for your clients to use... worth it to buy the professional grade ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by MidwifeErika There are times when I am laying in bed at night and I begin to think about what a heavy responsibility it can be to be a midwife. Not so much fear, but a strong feeling anyhow. Don't ignore your feelings, it is important to realize exactly the responsibility involved. The truth is, it matters what decisions we make. I think that is why it is so important to realize that no midwife is an island. It is important...
Dr. Vines! I can't say enough about how much I like him. I would avoid Duke like the plague; midwives or not.
dd had her birthday at Bull City Gymnastics and it was totally reasonable and the kids had a blast. They do all the work too.
I was going to suggest Dr. Vines as well... AFAIK he is not opposed to homebirth and I know for sure he is supportive of midwives.
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