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Maybe its a second plus baby thing but ive been super relaxed with DD. We're doing baby led weaning (I did home made purees with my son) and we're just going for it We have absolutely no allergies at all in our family. My son didnt tolerate cows milk too well, but its not like he was allergic to it. I will never be giving DD cows milk anyway. So far she loves grated cheese and toast, today she had some of the biscuits we had for breakfast. She has tried squash and...
I plan on cooking up egg yolks for my 6 month old since they are so packed with good stuff. I wouldnt worry at all. Maybe its a second baby thing but im not sticking to any 'rules'. we're doing baby led weaning and DD will be getting pretty much anything within reason...obviously no very salty/spicy/crap foods but everything else she'll be offered
My son got his 1st tooth 2 weeks before his 1st birthday. My husband didnt have a single tooth until 15months according to my MIL Id say its perfectly fine not to have teeth yet. Im not even expecting to see teeth in my daughter until a year
we did no hep B, no eye goop and just said 'no'. No one batted an eyelid. As for the newborn screen my daughter was in her Moby Wrap and honestly didnt even wake up, she made a slight movement when they poked her heel but just stayed asleep for the entire thing!
I was supposed to deliver at the birth center, but my daughter was breech with double nuchal cord. I ended up with a c-section at TMC. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. TMC nurses were awesome. They implemented my birth plan 100%. My daughter had no vax's no nursery time, no bath, we breastfed and co-slept while in the hospital and all I got was praise.
Im terrible I dont drink anywhere near enough. I frequently get headaches and im sure its usually due to dehydration. it sounds lame, but with two young kids I often just forget to drink enough I would guess I drink wwwaaaay less than a gallon a day - and I pump for my baby, so Im producing around 45oz of milk a day...not sure where i generate enough liquid for that. I must be better
My WIC lady just said 'bring shot records OR just some form of ID' I think they just want to prove the child is who you say they are. My WIC office has never seen my childrens shot records as I bring their passports along as ID.
He sleeps though. It takes forever for him to become awake enough to do anything, so it's just easier for me to do it. He is also active duty military and needs to be fully rested for his job and he could be recalled at any time, so Its just best to let him sleep.
My friends mom is an immigration officer and I will ask her how to get around it. I remember her saying there was a way. They forced me (an English girl) to get tons of shots even though I was breastfeeding at the time. They made me get Gardasil, MMR (even though id already had it) the adult DTaP (even though id had the complete DTP series as a child) and some others. It was awful. My English doctor was absolutely gob smacked that they'd forced me to get them...
Hey everyone, just stopping by to let you know I lurk around here Been trying to catch up on all the posts. Life has been crazy, we have my FIL here right now from OH and thats...well...errmm...'exciting' I guess you might say. We dont agree on many, many things but im too nice to say anything, so there is lots of smiling and nodding going on Jess: just read about you asking about how we wash bottles, I pump exclusively and they get dumped into hot soapy water and...
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