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any update?
makes sense to me about the chicken pox -- i have been exposed at least 4 times now plus had it as a child myself.
If you get chicken pox--usually immune for life if you get measles --immune for life mumps -immune for life tetanus -no immunity from actually having it ? pertusis(whooping cough )--no immunity or some immunity?? polio-would be immune for life ? others ?
I have had 3 kids nurse past 4 years old and went through some of what you are going through. I do feel like a lot of it is hormonal -maybe a bit increased because of age -(yours ) I am 43 and am nursing my 2 1/2 year old still. I feel my instinct or gut telling me to get up or distract him at times -it gets worse when I am ovulating or ready to start my period . I still try to keep my supply up with herbal teas etc but i work full time and feel worn out at times...
Does it have to be an OB? I had a family practice dr who would have let me do whatever I wanted and was safe --but ended up with a homebirth-- He was willing to be my back up dr --we love him !!
I do not know of a ped -ours is family practice and was ok with being my midwifes back up for my homebirth-is ok with us no vax -would be ok with no circ-is pro breastfeeding - he is knowledgable and likes his pts to be also- in evansville
Anyone know ?
I love the uncle harrys the toothpaste is soap based with tea tree oil in it the toothpowder is cinnamon and has bloodroot and clove oil among other stuff the remineralixation powder is neat-sea salt and calcium and probiotic minerals and more my tooth hurts less -they look cleaner and whiter dentisit appt is tuesday for a cleaning -the first in almost 2 years
I am trying to wait for my Uncle harrys toothpaste /mouthwash and gum stuff - In the meantime what about H2O2?? is it good or bad for my teeth and gums ?? Any links appreciated.
I am also having the same issue -broke off a piece of the molar that has tons of amalgam filling in it -sensitive to air -food is getting into it . I have had the molar on the opposite side removed already so I figure it is safer to just have it pulled than replaced or root canaled and crowned (cheaper also) I took ginger root and white willow for 3 days after and it did not even swell -minimal soreness-healed well. Also took arnica and st johns wort homeopathic tabs...
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