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  Would this be too old for her?  It's a thick book and I read it awhile back, so I don't remember if content-wise it is inappropriate for a 14 year old.   It is historical fiction and I really liked it, so did my gardener mom.  I prefer to learn about history in fiction because otherwise my mind wanders way too much while reading.   http://www.amazon.com/Earthly-Joys-Novel-Philippa-Gregory/dp/0743272528/ref=sr_1_30?ie=UTF8&qid=1349657763&sr=8-30&keywords=philippa+gregory
Is a swing a possibility?  My first would nap in a swing, but not really anywhere else, but on me.  (Somehow I lucked out with my next two being able to nap on their own and I am constantly amazed and impressed by it!)
I think you are fine to try it.  My 7 week old can sit in the Bumbo and be face-out in a baby carrier. 
I cannot tell you about the Boba, as we don't have one.  But I will say that I highly recommend a wrap with a newborn.  Yes, you do have to untie for nursing, especially with tiny babes...but how completely comfortable and hands-free it is, is so convenient with a toddler around.  I used my wraps all the time with my second baby and those two are 22 months apart.  I also use it all the time now with my third baby, I have a 5 week old,  2 year old and a 4 year old.  I...
My babies have all been greatly enthralled with ceiling fans.
I would definitely try a swing.  My son had a hard time sleeping on his own, but would take somewhat decent naps in a swing.
CA - that is the truth!  Unexplained is the definition of SIDS. 
I would definitely get one with arm rests! Have you looked at other stores, or are you set on Target?  Wish you lived closer, I would totally give you our old futon frame, then you could spend the $$ on a nicer mattress.
oh, i am not against stomach sleeping, whatever works!  just wanted to share a theory as to why it is labeled as bad.  all of mine slept mostly on their sides and we haven't had reflux issues to deal with.
all of mine were in less than a week.  i have had a March, April, and July baby.  to help you with your theories..2 have innies and 1 has an outie.  my water broke as a first sign of labor with all three.  their gestations were 40w1d, 40w5d, and 41w1d.  so nothing really similar!.  my theory is how they heal in general.  my older two rarely bleed and when they have needed a bandaid they heal very quickly.  maybe that is just kids in general though.
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