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Yay to great NIP stories!!  How wonderful.  :)   I haven't had any negative experiences, but nothing super positive either. 
I like almost burnt toast, bagels, waffles, etc..  I will eat it black, but I prefer dark brown.  People have told me I'm eating it burnt.    I like soggy cereal   I like fake syrup too - and it has to be the "lite" version.  I also avoid eating items that need syrup if I don't have a bottle of mine on hand.  I can tolerate real maple syrup (which I also started buying when I had kids), but I have to use way less than my junky syrup   Others tell me my...
I have heard that tummy sleep is "bad" because the baby will sleep longer and deeper and not wake up as often...and therefore more likely to die of SIDS?  Not sure the whole connection, but it kind of makes sense.  They don't startle awake as often on their bellies.
Super cute!  I love it.
  Me too!  After trying many, many water bottles, including Sigg, this is now the only brand I will buy.  Only two pieces, super easy to clean, ice cubes fit.   I give my kids the sport tops, which do leak.  But they do have a sippy top too...not sure if it leaks.  We only put water in them, so I don't mind if they leak a little.
I wouldn't go if it meant leaving my baby at home.  No way.   I would probably do it with the baby.  I wouldn't want to be 100% solo though, so I would make sure my parents were willing to help me out when needed.
I would recommend bring alonging diaper covers and just putting those over the cloth.  At least on the days you think she is going to poop.  Then you can just rinse the cover off and hang it to dry.  The only time I've ever had diapers leak poop is in disposables.  We've used Pampers (I don't recommend these just based on the smell), Huggies, Luvs, and Target brand - oh and Walgreens brand.  They all leak explosive poo, mostly up the back, but sometimes out the legs. ...
Sharlla, still thinking of you!  I hope you have a little baby in your arms.
I followed a youtube video to try the back carry, but with no luck.  I think she is still too tiny because I can't reach her butt with one hand, while her head is up by my neck.  she seems too short.  I tried to get DH to help me but he wasnt very helpful.
Ditto!  I'm waiting for some baby news! :)
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