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yay!  I will be thinking of you, I hope you are holding your baby tonight!
Hugs to all of you still waiting!   It is really hard to wait.  Like lovetomercy, I have been at the tail-end of two DDC's now and birthed my babies in the following month.  It is not fun!  If I ever get pregnant again, I want a due date on the first of a month. :) 
woohoo!  how exciting.
I have the legs out the bottom of the ring slng sometimes.  so like sitting on a chair with legs dangling free.
All I got is ouch! I hope it clears up soon!
Congrats on your new little guy!
scowgirl,  try really hard not to worry if she is peeing and pooping and seems satisfied.  cluster feeding is normal and her way of building your supply up.  you do not have to supplement at all.  is there any particular reason you are pumping?  besides to see what you can get?  nursing is way more efficient and a lot less stress and work.  I am not a good pumper at all, at most I get 3 oz and that is with older babies.  in the beginning I am lucky to pump an ounce.  i...
I took lots of naps in my first trimester with my 3 year old in my bed watching tv.  Now, at 4, he can play on his own while I nap.  ...the rambunctious 2 year old who has stopped napping is another story!  My baby is two weeks old and quite a few days so far caffeine has been my "nap".
maxnmaizy - that is stressful!  I know what you mean about putting it perspective, but no matter what is "wrong" with our babies, it's always tough and difficult (and heart wrenching).  I hope that things start looking up soon, and the tongue clipping isn't too traumatic for any of you.
I don't think any of my babies have been that gassy.  I don't even burp them after a feeding.  Once in awhile my 2 week old will fuss a little and then fart.  But nothing that lasts longer than a few seconds.  I breastfeed, rarely using bottles, if that makes a difference.
New Posts  All Forums: