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You can give her the listed dose on the bottle (according to our pediatrician).  I buy them from our local food co-op.  Make sure you get refrigerated ones.  Ours are $20 a bottle. I have given it alone, sucked off of my finger, mixed with breastmilk, mixed with water or juice, mixed in applesauce or yogurt.  Hopefully you will find a method that works for you.
Faithlovehope- Sounds like it could also be overactive letdown.  Check on kellymom.com to see for sure and some tips.
Things are going well here.  Hadley was two weeks yesterday.  My husband had off work for two weeks, which was nice, so I got lots of resting time.  The real test starts next week!  My four and two year old both love their little sister to pieces.  They both ask to hold her multiple times a day and love to give her kisses and hugs.  Nursing is going well, I did have sore nipples and engorged breasts for a few days, but the pain is gone and we're settling into a nice...
I have a wrap waiting for me to try a back carry, but I am nervous!  My baby is two weeks, so I might wait a few more weeks before trying it.  I want to do it for sure though, I have only done the ergo in the past for back carries on older babies, so I really want to try ist with ansmaller baby.  sorry for the typos, I am on mmy tablet and the words don't keepup with my typing and it is a PIA to fix them.
My first came back at three months, my second at seven weeks.  So I am expecting even sooner this time.  I exclusively nurse on demand.    Iactually keep having dreams (nightmares!) that I am pregnant already.
I am doing good so far, but baby is almost 2 weeks and my husband goes back to work next week.  I have a two and four year old also, I am expecting to get very tired soon!     I am using disposables overnight until she gets big enough for our one size pockets.  I only change overnight if there is poop.  which is rare, right now we both doze through nursing a few times a night, it isn't too bad.
I, too, think mine are caused by dehydration.  Or tiredness or not eating properly.  I don't like to think they are hormonal because I can't change that.  
Many hugs to those of you still waiting, it gets hard!  Your babies will be here soon, even though it doesn't feel that way.  My third was my longest wait at 41+1 and for DH, that last week was the hardest and most stressful.  He was the one bugging me the most about when baby would get here!     It is amazing how quickly these new little babies start to fit into the family.  Hadley has been here just over a week and I already don't know what it was like without her.  
aw, I love your photos!  how awesome to have her that quick!  welcome to the world little Harper.
I wear her when I am eating and she is not okay being put down, during her fussy time, anytime we are out and about.  So far we have used the padded Maya Wrap ring sling, with baby vertical, and a stretchy wrap.  I love both.
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