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bluemooned - that is the opposite of me, I mademore plans once I passed my due date, every day hoping I would have to cancel.  Finally, at 41+1, I did! The plans were with people I didn't mind telling I was in labor, but probably wouldn't have otherwise.  And I rarely tell the kids ahead of time what we are doing, so they didn't know they missed out on the wading pool that day.  :)
What a wonderful story!  I agree withyour friend, she wanted something girly!
Congrats!!  She is a cutie.  I love her name, I haven't heard it in years.
Yay!!!  I was hoping to read some baby news tonight.  Congrats!  Can't wait to hear the story.
scowgirl - I just saw your post now about the fluid.  I wanted to let you know that my water broke as my absolute first sign of labor with my first two kids.  No contractions beforehand, no mucous plug, no bloody show.  I had my first 26 hours after my water broke and my second 11 hours after.  So...it is possible for your body to be "ready" even without those signs of labor.  That said, I hope you start labor firstbecause of being GBS+.  No need to add any extra stress!
Oh man, that stinks and would probably made me smile in spite of my pain..  How are you doing tolovemercy?  We posted somewhere about feeling anxious about labor because we knew what was coming.  Hopefully your labor goes well!  Thinking about it was scarier than actually doing it.  Once it starts...it is just a matter of getting through.  BTW, my friend named her baby Ambrose last year, I can now tell her I know of another child Ambrose...
I should get a kitchen scale.  weighing my milk filled breasts is kind of like weighing food...
I kind of want to post a photo of my huge, huge breasts.  I tried to weighthem but the scale didn't register them.  I would guess about 4 pounds each thou.  It is insane.
baby is all chill in there scarykarrey!  and you will be ready once labor starts,you will just know what to do and when to do it and then baby will be here.  I have felt that way three times now.  even when my third child was a week past her due date, I wanted to not be pregnant, but I wasn't ready to go through labor or have another baby to take care of!  it is all good now.  
Thanks everyone!  we are totally enjoying the new addition to our family.  She is fairly mellow, not too bad-ass yet ;)  oh and I picked Wren for a middle name.  So, Hadley Wren.  I am really happy with it, I love the name Wren' but it was vetoed as a first name.
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