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Well, considering it's all fresh in my mind, this time around low moaning, hip swaying, having counter pressure on my tailbone, pushing my butt up against the wall for more counter pressure, and making sure I kept my shoulders relaxed got me through.  I spent the whole time between my bed and the wall, bent over on pillows during the contractions and mostly stand up in between them.  And knowing my baby would be here really soon helped too!  I had back labor again, which...
Woohoo!  Baby girl Hadley is here.  Born this morning at 9:14am.  8lb6oz 20".  I will post more later, but we are doing great!
And not still pregnant!  I am so happy aboutthat.  Baby Hadley was born this morning at 9:14 at 41w1d.  8lb6oz 20".  I will post adetails later.
I have had a few contractions and some cramping, but I think I am at the point where I don't think anything will be real or develop into something more.
41 weeks!  
hope this is it for you lioness!!
I hope your husband is able to get back soon.  and I admire your patience.  I am going nuts at 41 weeks.  My midwife is not allowed to attend a homebirth past 42 weeks, so I have one more week.  Then I don't know what we will do!  End up in the hospital, but I don't know if I would wait it out or induce.  I guess it would depend on the nst or bpp.
tolovemercy, sounds delish!
Goofy, I get it!  i kep eating ice cream, which makes me gassy.  then I think, what if tonight is the night?  stinky!  hahaha, oh well.
Ice cream in particular.  It is so hot out and the ice cream tastesso good.  I keep eating it anyway!
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