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haha, sorry!  forgot how the thread started!  those quorn products are a good source of protein :)
:(  I will be thinking of you.  This is just terrible to hear at 2 weeks postpartum.  I'm so glad you have a close, support system to help you.
I have totally been craving the sweets too.  I really, really want some cake.  Cake I got in college that is 3.5 hours away.  I am craving it like no other and I know there has got to be a comparable cake place around here, I just don't know where it is.  Either that or homemade whip cream.  Oh yum.  Or cheesecake, oreo cheesecake. 
lbkw - I had a wicked cough when DD was born, it was vaginal, but still totally uncomfortable and gross to have coughing attacks while multiple fluids gushed out of me at 3am.  I ended up taking some Tussin pills that were miraculous.   I think I am going to give up on keeping the house ready for birth.  I am not good at maintaining a clutter-free home as it is and this dang place has been picked up and ready multiple times the past few weeks.  I'm done.  Baby can be...
42 weeks!  Oh my goodness, I'd be crying.  Do you have a plan?  How long you are willing to wait? 
My very first push ever was like one of those heaving pushes Iowa described.  My body just did it all on it's own and I had no idea it was going to happen.  It is kind of involuntary...like vomiting out your vagina...haha now there is a great mental image.  Birth is just glorious. :)  Not all my pushes were that way though, eventually I had to make them happen (although looking back I feel like I shouldn't have since I pushed for over 2 hours, I probably could have taken...
I agree!! The gunk is not a pleasant feeling at all.  We practice pull-out and keeping track of my cycle for in between children birth control.  It has worked so far!  When we are done having children, DH will get a vasectomy.
octolars - I turn 30 this month too!  on the 30th, so no sharing birthdays for us.  We will have 4 family birthdays in July now.  Silly baby should have been born in June.
I am 40+6 and feeling more miserable by the hour.  No contractions or cramps to get my hopes up.  I am trying to convince myself to enjoy my last few days of this pregnancy and know it won't be more than another week.    I think the weather is making everything a bit worse, it is so hard to be outside!  I am trying to be patient though.  My parents invited us over to swim and for dinner this afternoon, so that will be distracting for a bit.My mood just keep fluctuating,...
I call mine a genreal feeling of ickiness, just blah.  I find it hard to make food or think of what to eat, but I can eat what is put in front of me for the most part.  I don't vomit.
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