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I think it all sounds within the range of normal. My son also would sleep wonderfully overnight in the crib (12 hours straight through), but he wouldn't nap very well anywhere. Including on me. Regarding the eating, there are days that my 3.5 year old eats a ton and other days he just picks. I believe as long as you feel they are getting adequate weekly nutrition, it's fine.
I will have to agree with the Walmart brand. All of the Garanimals brand stuff I've gotten my children has held up really well. No fading or pilling like the Target and Kohls stuff does. Last year they had plain t-shirts in 5 colors and plain pants too. For like $3 or $4 each.
For my first pregnancy I took extra vitamin B6 for nausea with no vomiting. I don't remember the exact pills I used to have, but I believe it was a 100mg one. I split them in half and took half in the morning and half in the evening. If I only took one in the morning or evening, I would be able to feel it wear off. I started this around 10 weeks pregnant, after feeling nauseous since 5 weeks. The nausea lasted until14 weeks, but the B6 definitely took the edge...
For my second child's birthday we rented out an indoor playground and bought $5 pizzas and sodas. We wouldn't have been able to have it at our house because of space issues inside and DD was born in the winter. It was definitely more money than our son's 1st bday party, which was outside in our yard. But, the cost difference made up for the stress involved with having a party at our house. I guess I preferred the financial stress.
I think you would probably notice the most difference in with whole food vegans. It's quite possible to be a completely unhealthy vegetarian or vegan.
http://www.combistrollers.com/ProductDetails.aspx?CategoryID=3&selection=7&Children=0&productID=928   We love this stroller.  It folds up pretty small, I think.  It has a strap so you can hang it.  It doesn't fold in half, down, like other strollers.  It fold into itself from the sides.  So it makes a tall, vertical rectangle.
I know someone who has 8 children and is getting married again in a few months.  Her ex is also remarried.
Our 5/6's someone gave us didn't seem too heavy for DD, but her foot is still too tiny and slips right out.  I'm not going to pay for boots that may only be used one season for one child...so no rain stomping for her. :(
That sounds like way too much.  My midwife charged $40/appointment.  They usually lasted an hour because we were chatting about stuff.  I did the urine dipstick at every appointment.
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