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Who is the backup OB at Atlanta Midwives?
https://www.facebook.com/ICANonline?filter=2   This guy supposedly does VBACs too. Have you looked at the stuff on the ICAN website? There's not a chapter in Huntsville but there is one in Birmingham. They can give you some ideas of questions to ask to find out if an OB is really legit.( Some will say they are all for VBACS but pull a bait and switch on you in the 3rd trimester.) Congrats and good luck.
 RMC in Anniston has a tub now for use in water labor. Progress! http://cheahawomen.com/fort-mcclellan-anniston-ob-gyn/
How did the convo with Dr Korcz turn out? I am really tired of driving to GA  for the peds doctor.
 In the Rome area people go to Floyd hospital or Cartersville hospital , Redmond doesn't deliver babies. I know a lady who just had her baby at Floyd and she was in a practice that had OB's and midwives but as far as I know, neither hospital does water labor or water birth. There is a good group of midwives who work with an awesome OB ( a lot of the time your midwives may be lovely but if they are supervised by a non natural birth friendly OB you are not safe unless your...
Congrats Mamas! Got some really cool birth stories going on :-). My son James was born at 2:35 on his due date :-). 2VBAC. Non-medicated delivery, he was 8lbs 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches. We're doing good, going home tomarow.
Congrats on your beautiful boy! I am so glad you had the guts and supportive family to be able to have refused induction. Sorry about all the extra stress the Drs/nurses put you and the baby through.
Congrats to all you beautiful mamas. Hope you're getting rest and lots of baby snuggles.
Hope you are doing well and have a baby by now!
 Hang in there. I would also like to join the "My husband sucks" club. Thank you.
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