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Thank you. That is one of the reasons I mentioned it as well. There is a lot of dangerous advice given in that forum. Sometimes intuition just isn't enough and someone should seek medical attention, but then that wouldn't be "trusting birth".
If someone feels that homeschooling is wrong and that's why they send their kid to school,, I see nothing wrong with that (even though I personally homeschool). *shrug* I still stand by what I said though, esp. on here I truely believe that UC is dangerous. People have been encouraged to do some very dangerous things that ended tragically. Some people do get caught up in having a "dream birth" and they end up listening to some very bad advice. :(  
Well considering many people use it as a way to show how crunchy they are, I brought it up as one of the things that about me that isn't. And since it's how I feel and what I believe to be true, I stand by it. I am not trying to be snarky (though it's funny how trying to prove how crunchy someone is by ridiculing "mainstream" ideas or practices isn't considered snarky here...hmmm) or mean. Just honest.  
Here are mine:   We just called to make appts to get my 8 yr old and 3 yr old vaccinations. I like makeup. And not the all natural, organic kind. We like Disney. I like tv, though I try not to watch a ton of it. But still, I love my tv. I like junk food occasionally. I think being super strict with food can lead to food/eating issues down the road. When I was on here more I was very uptight about food (along with so many other things), but I've now come to...
      I completely agree, especially with the bolded section. Also, the overmoderation is one of the reasons I stopped coming here as often. We are adults and should be treated that way.  
    I wrote out a long post, lost it, and thought I would just agree all your posts.  
  I agree. Please get checked out. This could be serious.  *hugs*
I have to admit, I would probably be a bit annoyed if I received a list like that also. We wait until we are asked for gift ides, then we suggest items that easy to get and not too expensive (books, clothes, puzzles, building/stacking kits depending on age are always great). Most of our families don't like to purchase things online, so I try to suggest things local to them. And yes, the kids end up with things that maybe I'm not crazy about, but it makes the giver happy...
Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about it right now. Things have changed a lot and will continue you change, so you have no idea what gym classes will be like by the time your child is that age. And you never know, you child may want to take them and may actually enjoy them. I would be more afraid of sending them messages as they get older that affect the way they view gym classes and things of that nature. I wouldn't want to influence my kids that way (if I can help it)....
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