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Quote: Originally Posted by Hatteras Gal I consider myself a mother/human with a heart but this is probably not something I would do. I'm just not comfortable opening up my house to a stranger no matter what the situation. I couldn't be certain what would happen as a result and so it isn't a chance I'm willing to take. I agree. I would do whatever I could to help her find a solution, but I don't think I could do it, esp. with kids in the...
Yep, it's probably from the ball. That's what I fiddled with all the time.
Is it the right length (not too long?). I would pay more attention to make sure you aren't doing it without realizing it. When I had my tongue pierced I was constantly messing with it without meaning to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie "Can't you mamas see, that this is the same thing?" Cosleeping, nonvaxing and losing track of a toddler to the point where he repeatedly ends up a quarter mile down the street? Nope. Not the same thing. Not in the same universe. We recently had a thread started by a mother who ended up with CPS at her door after her toddler ran down the street with her chasing right after him, carrying the newborn. Do you not see...
Quote: Originally Posted by ok4now83 seems to me that she is thrilled to have her new healthy baby. How do you know that this baby didn't have problems that needed to be taken care of...possibly shoulder dystocia? It may sound dreadful to you, but the reality is that it really could have been a medical emergency. I say celebrate with the new mom....the most important thing is that everyone is healthy. I agree. It's very possible that the OP...
Quote: Originally Posted by glendora Yeah, when you're imprisoned fighting for the rights of other mother's to be rude to their children, THEN maybe there will be some scant connection to Paul. As it is now, I'd compare it more to that guy in Forrest Gump that hits Jenny and blames it on LBJ. I agree with the bolded part and : to the rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by noordinaryspider Why what a sweet thing for you to say! I don't think anybody has ever compared me to Alice Paul before! COuragew in a woman is often mistaken for insanity : There's a difference between courage and being rude to your child who is just trying to do something nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Dragon I say this gently, but I would really consider therapy, maybe meds....parents with good mental health don't do that kind of thing to their kids. I hope you see he (and the gf) deserve an apology. It doesn't matter how you see the holiday, if you don't want to celebrate it, just say so! Nicely! to all the mamas who had a bad mother's day. I agree. How sad.
Believe me, I understand. And for massage, I use jojoba oil.
Quote: Originally Posted by stealthmode Hmmm, I couldn't get it to work. It just went to a sign-in page. I just ordered a set of concave tapers to start stretching! I'm so excited! I've been thinking of doing it for awhile now and when I saw this site I just couldn't hold out any longer: http://www.onetribe.nu They have gorgeous stuff. Now I just have to wait... Question for stretched people--what did you do initially when you went from an 18...
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