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Quote: Originally Posted by Jilian OMG, are you serious? We don't vax either but I really had to make sure DH was 100% on board with the risks and benefits that came along with that decision because they are his children too. Put yourself in your H's shoes, can you imagine how he'd feel if he found out? Especially since you say he'd "have a huge problem with not vaxing". Imagine if the tables were turned and you found out he had been secretly...
I was actually asking because of o post further up where a poster mentioned that antibiotics will no longer work within the next generation or so.
Are we still required to show links to back up info?
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I agree wholeheartedly that antibiotics are a WONDERFUL thing in so many situations. However I have read in numerous places that the usefulness of antibiotics is SEVERELY limited time-wise and we are reaching the end of their run. It is likely that within our lifetime, and nearly certain that within our children or grandchildren's lifetime that antibiotics will no longer be useful. Interesting (and admittedly...
That's all well and good for prevention, but this isn't the time. Also, this child is obviously not healthy and needs treatment. Please take your lo to be looked at again just to make sure that everything is ok. I'm not one to take meds or run to the dr. for every little thing, but breathing issues (esp. in a baby) is not something to mess with. I'm glad he seems to be doing better, but when it comes to my kids, I like to be sure. Kwim?
Quote: Originally Posted by skai Yes, you should really REALLY finish the antibiotics. Otherwise the pneumonia might soon be back, only a lot WORSE. People often start to feel better when the abx start working. That does not mean you don't have to finish them. : That's why they tell you to finish them even if you start to feel better. Just because he appears to be better doesn't mean he actually is. I would take him back to be looked at and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amylcd I agree. Unfotunately, you have probably made things worse by just giving him two doses of antibiotics. I'm actually shocked any chiropractor would suggest just an adjustment for such a serious illness. Same here.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I would never consider the BCG vax. It is very dangerous AND not very effective. Some studies actually show that you have a higher chance of getting TB if you've been vaccinated. -Angela I would love to see some links to the studies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuamami Yeah, I agree. You should call her and apologize. My mom's tons of fun, and comes up with all kinds of games w/the kids, but she would definitely stick the baby in the swing so she could do some work for me - her reasoning would be that by saving me work I would have more time to relax and hold the baby. I agree. She definitely deserves and apology...and then some. How sad.
I think this part is important enough to quote again: Quote: You should always trust your instincts and the advice of your trusted medical provider. Never let information on this website or any website substitute for a qualified diagnosis and advice from your health provider, and don’t delay treatment or disregard advice based exclusively on the stuff you find floatin’ around. Be informed, and be prudent!
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