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Here is the list of ingredients. Lactalbumin and Casamino acid are milk ingredients.   http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf   We are doing HIB because we have an infant, and there is a possibility we might need to do daycare if I find the right job. Sorry for the short reply NAK!
Maybe I am being overly sensitive/overreacting here, but my little girl got her 4 month shots today so my nerves are on end. Later on, after nursing, she was burping and standing in my lap, she then had a very weird contorted expression come across her face. I had never seen her look like that before, just a bit strained and seemed as if her facial muscles pulled downward in an odd way. It was brief, like only 15 seconds or so, and then later on she had another even...
My son seemed to change overnight at age three. He is almost 4 and I barely remember what it was like to have my sweet little boy, he is that different. He still hasn't had his MMR yet.
ASusan, you are right, the cutoff is Sept 30 according to OH code. However, an OHDOE administrator is a friend of mine and told me otherwise, but I think she is wrong. Doesn't matter, his bd is 11/14. So he has 2 more years to go.   We went to our appt and the doc was cool with our requests. We did one shot (DTaP) and he will have an HIB in 2 weeks. We are selecting brands based on ingredients (he is allergic to egg and dairy).
We did not do it. Amazingly, the doc steered us away from it. Son is allergic to eggs. BTW, we both had it last year, and the vax this year is the same as last year.
Thanks for all the replies and helpful info. Yes, Ohio requires 2 MMRs and 2 Varicellas for school. We are planning to homeschool, but in the case that it doesn't work out well (son is very headstrong towards me in particular) I want the option of sending him to school. If I do send him, he has 2 more years to start K as his birthday past the Nov 1 cutoff.   I also believe my son will have a trauma with the shots. I plan to ask for some combos, even though reactions...
does anyone know how long of an interval is ok after the flu shot to get another shot?
My son will have an appointment next week with our family doc. The appointment is specifically to discuss vaccines, since he has had nothing since 6 mos old. When I called to make the appt, all I wanted to do was a flu vax, but they wanted to see him and discuss catching up. Yeah, I know. I am asking to get a lecture. BUT I do want to catch up, just probably not as fast as the doc will want. My son's ped kicked us out of his practice because I would not do 5 shots in one...
I see many posts here saying they would not do a flu vax. This year I am seriously considering it for my 4 yo. He has been through the flu last year and the year before. He has serious asthma (although strangely his asthma was not triggered by the flu the last 2 times). But more concerning is he is very very skinny, any illness that would kill his almost non-existent appetite is something we want to avoid. His weight is always a concern and if he can't "catch up" they...
Thanks so much for the book suggestions!   Yes, there are meltdowns, but I usually can direct him out of it. The times I have a lot of trouble redirecting are when he is very tired, etc. As long as I stay cool, he can turn his switch back off.
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