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Interesting!They will be registered in December but their first day at school will be in January only.Sufficient to use that old form?Where does it say that this is the old form, and that one should use the new form?
Hi,   I spent the last 2 hours on the phone to solve a problem, no success, hope someone here can help me:   We are living in Canada, moving to California (Mountain View) middle of next month. All our children are not vax-ed at all. To register the older two for school, I need to have the PERSONAL BELIEFS EXEMPTION TO REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS form signed by an AUTHORIZED HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER LICENSED IN CALIFORNIA. That can be an M.D., nurse practitioner, physician...
Thanks, should have been more specific here to describe my problem: we are arriving in the area on Dec 18, and want to get the children registered for school before the Christmas break, so on the 19th or the 20th. we do not have health insurance in the US until jan 1 (we do have travel insurance from Canada for that period though, but only for emergency care). So I don't think we want the kids to have a physical exam then, and likely won't even get an appointment on such a...
great points and pointers, thank you, Melaniee.   Here is one more question: my children are not vaccinated. I have the form we need to present to the school district office, but that involves getting a health care practitioner to educate me about the risk of non-vaxing, and to sign the form to document this education. Now, how can I find such a health care practitioner??? Anyone knows how much that person would charge??
Thanks for the info, and thanks for much for the link! This link also mentions the German Intl language school in Mountain View.......which has a Saturday school, which is what we need as well (as my mother tongue is German and my children currently go to German Saturday school.) Cool.
definitely moving there for Jan 1, 2014.   Will be renting for half a year or so while our house here in Canada sells.   We are public schoolers, so we need to choose our location based on schools. Trying to understand how this will work. I notice most of the schools are K-5 or K-6 (with "K" starting at what age? mandatory at what age? ). How does this work with foreign languages??? My children do French Immersion here, I guess there is no hope they can continue that?...
Thanks, dynnyrne! It seems it's going to happen, and next week we'll learn how fast it's going to happen.....Possibly we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving twice this year! (We are in Ontario right now....)
And here I am, reviving my own thread and re-reading all your responses. So helpful, as it seems it is going to happen now! to be decided by some HQ this week (it's hubby's work that will bring us there) and then we'll be moving on quickly........Well, with little baby being a bit older, it suddenly feels less overwhelming....gotta bribe our 10-year old.....ANY GOOD THEME PARKS????
Just seeing this as I log in for the first time in 2013, so I believe.....Time flies, our almost 1-year old will be walking into her first birthday! Life is good, but busy. Thanks for getting us updated!
Hi,   Did anyone have success with aquiring chickenpox from recently vaccinated children? Does this work? Thanks!
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