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my 2yr old would love to learn to ride on a strider!  Then my younger son would get it passed down!
Same here!  I love iherb and get all of my natural items from there!  Sooo much cheaper thatn really anywhere I've found.  I combine the loose leaf nettle & RRL. I'm 25 weeks and I've been drinking it the last couple of weeks.   With my first, I also drank it, but my labor never progressed (labored for 30 hrs!) w/o the help of some drugs the last 3 hrs.  However when the pushing phase came, my midwife was shocked how effortless and quick it was!  Hoping I get the...
I introduced the bottle around 6 wks and she gave us a hard time! I first tried the Avent bottles. She ate once from that and no more! Then I tried the Gerber Nuks and she loved it! It really looks like a nipple!
I'm sooo glad to hear Phoebe is here and you both are doing well!!
Phoebe Jeanne came into this world August 10th at 2:54pm. She weighed 7lbs 6oz and twenty inches long. An all natural birth aside from the Pitocin to induce labor. Phoebe is nursing well and both Mom and child are doing great. Congratulations Redheaded_Momma!!!
I know I need to stay off google, but my little girl was sooo active all day yesterday. She was nonstop with kicking and rolling. I'm so anxious to give birth that I thought I'd look it up to see if it were an early labor sign. I then see some people said it was a sign of something bad...like more movements happened for them and then the baby died of cord strangulation. Is this extremly rare or have you all heard of this? My MW appt is Friday (I'll be 40 wks then)...
Thank you!!! User-name--yvonyvj EDD--07/17/10 Your favorite song from your high school years (I just want to know)--All about the Benjamins. :-)
I still supplement, but it's only because I'm Black and we need more due to the melanin in our skin.
I'm 29 wks and started this week. Here's my plan: Weeks 29-31: 1 cup/day Weeks 31-33: 2 cups/day Weeks 33-35: 3 cups/dau Weeks 35- the end: 4 cups/day. I make steep my infusion of RRL & nettle looseleaf overnight. I wanted to add some alfalfa, but after reading, I'm a bit hesitant. I buy my looseleaf tea from iherb.com. Mountain Rose Herbs base price is cheaped by a couple of dollars, but with iherb, I save on shipping. $10 for shipping herbs is...
I'm 5'8" with a starting weight of 150. The 2st trimester, I gained about 4 lbs. I'm now 20 weeks and right around 10 lbs...give or take a pound or two... I'm right where I had hoped to be. At first, I felt like I wasn't gaining enough, so I made sure I ate my protein & calcium (greek yogurt, occasional prozen yogurt) and more frequent servings of fruit as snacks and I'm feeling fine. Plus I have a bump that came out of nowhere within the last week!
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