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Thanks everyone
I have no idea what to say other than HUGS!!!! I'm so sorry you and your little girl are having to go through this!!!
NO FAIR!! LOL. Seriously, we are major Disney fanatics also - and it may be cheaper to buy an annual or seasonal pass (depending on dates) and book your room and food separately? That's how we do it. Passholders get some great discounts. I am a Disney fanatic!! We lived in Orlando for 6 months in 2007 and I miss it dearly. I cannot wait to move back. We take frequent trips down though since we live in St. Augustine, FL. I just absolutely love everything about Disney...
HUGS! I'm sure that I'd be extremely sad about it too - Hang in there.
I'm having the same thing - and have from the beginning LOL. I haven't checked myself. I did mention it to the midwife who wasn't too concerned. If its the mucus plug, it will regrow.
We use Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - we love it so much we started selling it LOL. It's the only stuff that doesn't break my daughter out in a rash.
Thanks ladies... Hubby picked Jonas... I love it - but I keep thinking Jonas Brothers HAHAHA - but I'm sure in another 8 years or so no one will even care who the Joe Bros are HAHA
We have to us sunblock - otherwise we would have some burnt kids HAHA. I have 2 kids who are really really pale - they burn and peel - just like me. I have 2 dark kids who never burn. LOL. So yeah, we HAVE to use sunblock, otherwise our pale children would be miserable. We live in FL. We use California Baby sunblock.
Thanks everyone! I'm getting so excited now - still wish I could get the cute sundresses and stuff but oh well LOLOL Betsy - and your kids are in the same order as mine HAHA - boy, girl, boy, boy, but I just have an extra boy HAHA Sophie - thanks, its been a rough year, but we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as we approach 1 yr. cancer sucks lol
I'm glad to hear that the baby is doing fine. I hope they figure out the bleeding soon. My mw said bleeding throughout a pregnancy can be totally normal. Confusing, eh? LOL You SO is toooo funny!!! LMAO!!
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