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Oh, I hope both you and your little one heal quickly and get to cuddle with each other very soon!  I'm glad that the surgery went well; good luck with the name!
I think your plan to wait till Mon sounds like a very wise one.  And how exciting to have such a wonderful friend as your MW!  I hope it works out!
Way to go!  Those fast labors can really send your head spinning; glad you are snuggling now with both your kiddos!
Sounds very similar to how I feel; though I'm not quite that uncomfortable.  But my lower back is hurting for really the first significant time this entire pregnancy; and I've had boughts of nausea this evening.  But that might be more related to the sugar and raw bread dough I ate while baking up a storm today...   Hope you feel better, and that this resolves itself by putting a baby in your arms, soon!
I've been losing my mucus plug for 5 days now; also a first time mama.  It's like really abundant, thick cervical fluid/mucus; sometimes it is just plain cream or yellow, sometimes it has a faint pinkish/brownish tinge to it.  I've generally heard that most people don't go more than 2 weeks from losing mucus plug to starting labor; but there are, of course, exceptions.
Hope all is well!
 Couldn't have said it better myself!
Oh, wow!  I am just, so, so, so excited for you!!!!  I'm sorry you had to deal with some recalcitrat staff; but at least you didn't have to deal with them for too long!    That's awesome that you didn't tear, and that they let you do what you wanted postpartum.  I understand how freaked you must have been about the blood...glad everything turned out so very well!  Hopping over to your blog now; I hope you put up some pictures
Hugs to you all!  I tremble at the thought of going 42 weeks...hopefully it won't be an issue for any of us!
I think that Noelle and Autumn for a girl, as a PP said, are beauiful, unique, but not completely out there names.  :-)   Boys, I think, are tougher to name!  I personally like the name Nathan better than Nathaniel.  How about Jesse?  Corbin?  Those are unique, but still easy to pronounce and spell.    Good luck!  We FINALLY decided on names last week, and it was a great relief to me!
New Posts  All Forums: