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first on my back in the hospital. it was way too much pushing (2 hours) second on hands and knees in the birth tub at home. much easier (15 minutes of pushing baby was 2lbs bigger than the first!)
Sawyer was a New Year's Day baby! He is just over 7 months now and was 22.5lbs at his 6 month check up! he is crawling and loves protein (chicken, steak, etc) and anything super flavorful (like garlic lovers humus!) My daughter is almost 3.5 and is a handful, but we are learning as we go! Still loving mothering more than one.  
Last pregnant belly photo :) (also happens to be my favorite)
Sawyer Todd born at home 1/1/13 1:40pm 9lbs 5oz 22.5"  9 hours of labor, meconium in the water, but he was great! intense experience but I'm feeling great!
losing mucous plug and feeling crampy..hoping for labor tomorrow maybe?
Still pregnant here, will be 40w tomorrow :) I'm not very good at this hurry up and wait thing I've got going on. Everything is done, so now it is just daily house upkeep until labor starts..
i know you are baby mooning, but was wondering what the status was on the bead swap?
last night at quilt class one of my friends (a former OB nurse) palpated my belly and said there was a linebacker in there then said her estimate was that he would be 10lbs 6oz and at least 22 inches long.. I wonder how close to right she's going to be..
I posted this on the facebook group, but thought i'd throw it up here also. Does anyone who has 2+ kids think this may have any truth behind it? http://www.almanac.com/content/using-moon-predict-your-childs-birthdate
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