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I'm in a similar situation--my mother's family are mixed hispanic/AA, and my father is from Pakistan. I've benefited tremendously from checking ALL the boxes in recent years--just finished an art history degree, and I won't deny that I got a lot of help from programs and scholarships (it didn't hurt that I was at a REALLY family-friendly school). However, for my kids I'm not so sure. Both my ex-BF (father of my eldest) and my DH are white. My eldest, however, looks...
Do I belong in this tribe? I'm not a teen mom anymore (am almost 24) but had my first in 2001, when I was 16. I'd really like to get to know other younger moms, particularly those who are dedicated to being mothers and who don't feel it "ended their lives."
I'm Autumn, a longtime reader and first-time poster. I currently live in the Western US, with my DH and four little ones. I'm an art history graduate, considering going back for a degree in textile history and restoration. I had my first daughter at 16 years old, and am really active in teen-mom causes. I hope to find out more as I go along.
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