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I don't think its all kids, as my son has super-sensitive sense of smell and my daughter does not. My son can totally smell when I have my period, which also freaks me out. He can also smell if I've eaten a cookie/granola bar within the past couple hours and has picked up other things that I would never even be aware of myself. We tell him he has a wolf's nose.
Can't help with the Santa and/or plastic dilemna, but for what its worth, the Bruder trucks are very well built, and handle a lot of rough play very, very well. We now have 3, started w/ a small one when ds was around 2.5yo then "Santa" brought one larger the 2 next following years. My son is now nearing 7, and still plays with them regularly, and they are also a big hit with his little sister and other kids who come to play. Honestly, they are some of the most...
I'd buy her boys jeans - the Childrens place has plain old simple blue jeans for boys for like $28 for 2 pair. I hate the odd cuts on girls jeans too. I even buy mens jeans for myself.
Another Goodbyn review - got one for my son (starting public 1st grade) its the 1st time he's needed to bring his own lunch. It does hold a ton of food, and we've had no leakage betweet compartments. Though if you let them seal it themselves, you may - it is a little hard for him (6yo) to get all the areas snapped down (you have to press on each spot where there is a seal), more from lack of understanding than lack of ability though. We had a water bottle leak too -...
I know this doesn't satisfy the need for quick access, but I'm pretty sure I have a bag or two (unopened) of membranes. I won't be needing them any more and happy to pop them in the mail to you if you PM me your address.
Went through similar with my son from 4.5-5yo. I really thought he was going crazy - seriously! It was scary and even though he has never been "mellow" by any stretch, his freakouts were just as you describe and scared all of us think. This slowly escalated for like a 6month period. I actually spoke to his ped. about it, and she shared that these phases can often precede a big leap in development (just like they do when they are babies - get all fussy and crappy for a...
In addition to the sensory stuff , could it be also she was overwhelmed by the # of choices? 5 clean PJ bottoms, naked, underwear, etc is a lot to sort though to come to a decision - esp. if she's tired. My DS (5yo) has some sensory stuff like this, but also just goes on total overload when I lay out a bunch of choices (in frustration at him not liking any of his options) and say "You can choose anything" - he actually does MUCH better when only given 2 things to choose...
My 5.5yo still does this pretty regularly.
My 5yo just last week asked me these two: "What if all of life is a dream?" and "How do I know I'm not really blind and just imagining the things I see?" Philosopher in the making, maybe?
Ditto what everybody else says, my DS in in K. and they call it "invented spelling" and treat is as natural and normal part of how kids make their way to literacy. If you google that phrase, there are lots of good explanations.
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