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My DS said he saw a lump under his foreskin and tried to work it out.  He thinks it might have been sand since we were at the beach today.  There was about a drop of blood on his penis after he worked the lump out.  He is able to urinate but doesn't want to retract his penis all the way because he says it hurts.  I had him sit in a warm bath, but is there anything else I should be doing for him?  He says it hurts "a little" but he is not the type of child to complain if...
  It's true there is no way to opt out of this bill.  If you homeschool, you are required to keep the same records as any private school in California.  If the Board of Health finds out you don't have the proper waiver in your paperwork, you are in trouble.
I have been told that they are given bonuses by the vax manufacturers but a quick Google only showed HMOs paying bonuses... (if you can consider Dr Sears a good source, I know some think he's biased).  One of the arguments against this bill is that doctors won't sign because insurance won't let them, maybe that's what they mean.   http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/vaccines/do-doctors-have-financial-incentive-get-their-patients-fully-vaccinated
In the US, a nurse practitioner is different from an RN.  School nurses are usually RNs, not nurse practitioners.  I think this bill would have a different feeling if we were going to be educated by the health department rather than by a medical doctor.  A private medical doctor would be acting against his financial interest by signing the form, because the fewer vaccinated patients he has, the less profit he makes from vaccines (doctors are given bonuses for higher...
  I don't think this has been clarified.  I would guess you definitely would have to have it before K or enrolling in school, then before 7th grade b/c I think there is a mandatory pertussis booster then.  It's a good question, and it makes a huge difference in cost if parents have to do it every year or if they "just" have to do it when the child is initially enrolling and when other shots become mandatory.
The school nurse will not be able to do this.  Have you read the bill?
You can only go to a naturopath "under the supervision of a physician", so your average naturopath is not under the supervision of a physician.  It's really only for naturopaths who administer vaccines w/physician supervision.  I'd feel better about this law if all naturopaths were included.  Sadly the naturopaths group folded right up and said they approve of the bill after this provision was added at the hearing.
  Dr Pan, author of the bill, has been asked repeatedly to change the language so that doctors must sign the bill but he has not and has not said that doctors must sign the bill when asked by various constituents and assembly members.
My biggest concern is the underlying threat from people like Assemblymember Charles Calderon of Whittier who stated in the hearing that this was a "good first step" in eliminating exemptions because he doesn't believe people should be able to opt out at all. Maybe people will be able to go to a handful of doctors and get the exemption signed if it passes, but this is just the beginning of the pharmaceutical companies' agenda.
Bumping because this is an important bill.  I'm really nervous about the hearing Tuesday and what it will mean for vaccine freedom in America.
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