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I really like Anne McCaffery's books, though the main series is probably better for mid to late teens, there is some romantic love/mating referances.   But there is a trilogy for younger readers:   The Harper Hall trilogy, or The Harper Hall of Pern in its omnibus edition Dragonsong (1976) Dragonsinger (1977) Dragondrums (1979)
And coconut milk has lauric acid! (only breast milk is the other natural source!)
My babe is almost 8 months and is nearly eating what we eat. I did do egg separate, soft boiled or poached egg and then I just drained the yolk out of it, a dash of salt, and then I fed it to her. About a month ago, we tried diced hard boiled egg, white and yolk, she seemed fine. She loves scrambled egg. Now I feel safe giving her anything baked/cooked with egg too. I usually soak my flours/grains to aid digestion.   The only thing I still spoon feed her is her ...
YOur baby sounds quite normal for his age. Those are somethings SOME babies can do at that age, they should develop more in the next 6 months. My son was a late bloomer, didn't walk until 17 months, had few verbal words, but we also did  baby sign language and he had several signs. He blossomed a lot more between 18-24 months. So don't get too preoccupied, he will go at his own pace. If you have concerns, bring them up at the well child checks. If you ever see any...
Start with soup bones/joints and make bone broth.  Hubby and son can eat the leftover meat bits in the soup if you don't want to. Then you can make soup with veggies and the broth. The broth will have many vitamins and mineral from the bones and gelatin from the connective tissue. Google overnight or crockpot bone broth and you'll get some good tips/instructions.
I'm sorry I can't recall the name, but there is some syndrome/symptom/something I read about (Parents or Parenting magazine in the past 3-4 months)  that some kids who get majorly sick, and seem different afterwards still may have an underlying infection, and that is the cause.   My son has been obssessed with vehicles since he was two, too, Thomas among them. It is either a stage, and she is intensly into it right now and may grow past it, or if it keeps persisting,...
If you are bf, it couldn't hurt for you to take extra vitamin c and zinc (I like those fizzy packets from trace minerals, or Emergen-C)
I second the cut back of grains, and when you do consume them, top them with lots of protiens and fats. Nut butter, cheeses, dips, butter, coconut oil, etc...   Nursing expends a lot of calories/energy. ANd they are right, some grains are galactogenic.
Suzuki would be a good method for both instruments :)
There are some round rice crackers that don't cost too much, with nut butter. If you have asian stores near you, rice noodles are affordable, also find rice flour, tapioca starch Trader Joes has corn and rice pasta make risotto without cheese, it gets a creamy feeling without dairy. I use sushi/japanese rice from the asian store, it is cheaper than the italian arborio I make 'green noodles' basically pesto with extra green veggies (basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive...
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