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Hm...perhaps you could link more interest in the alphabet if you introduce it as the way you start to recognize words, which leads to sentances, which leads to more, etc, etc....and ONE of the ways to answer questions is by reading books to find the answers. Because someday he'll ask you about something you can't answer, but a book might! And field trips? Any constructions sites? Train museum? city water/public works?
Go for it, but send extra clothes for an accident. My kid only pees like 2-3 times a day, usually outside preschool hours. The one time he did have an accident at school  was after coming inside from play in the snow.
There's more kids around to distract you and distract him! Keep at it and try to get some private time as much as possible during feedings. Maybe he just needs more of a quitet zone to have a really good BF session.
I converted all toddler height shelves into 'montessori style' accessable areas for the lil guy. Put kids books or puzzles there, medium and small baskets filled with appropriate toys and things, rotated the contents occasionally. So like one basket just has trucks, another has blocks or legos, another with instruments, another with magnetos, etc, and I rotate them when he seems board/hasn't touched them recently with something new.
I've read/heard other moms use their wic milk to make yogurt (supposed to be better to heat your milk and use a uniform starter culture, so why waste good raw milk on that?) or make soft cheeses, like farmers cheese or ricotta, since you have to heat the milk anyway.
Mmm, I like goat cheese pizza. How about one huge pizza with one section for each person, or personal pizzas? Each person puts their own thing on their part. (And who says you can't put raw veggies on after it is done cooking?)   How about the kids each get one day a month to choose some/most of the menu?    Breakfast for dinner.
He's in a multi-lingual environment? Often speech is delayed in multi-lingual kids, though its not usually a bad thing, they are just trying to figure out which words and grammatical rules to use with which language...be patient, if there is no significant change in the next 6-9 months, then reevaluate.
I try to get gender neutral stuff for my kids. BUt haven't had any rude comments yet. Keep doing what you are doing, it is so much easier if you have gender neutral stuff when you have the second kid and they happen to be a girl...
Also, before/if you get into the possibility of medication, see if diet changes will help. Gluten free has worked for some people, studies in England have linked fake food dyes with ADHD behaviors...you never know!
Lawrence University, Appleton, WI. Small, liberal arts. Very student aid friendly. Many cross-or multi-diciplinary options/opportunities, double-degree opportunities, many independant study/research opportunities. Great study abroad options. Best 4 yrs ever.
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