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WHat helped me at this age was to convert one of the lowest kitchen drawes into the toy drawer,  a fridge magnet electronic toy (like that leap frog abc one), and then for his 2yo birthday, a toy kitchen that we put in the dining area/next to the real kitchen. Plenty of close places to direct him when I was busy in the kitchen. He loved the car keys, so we got him play keys. Don't have an iphone, so that's not a problems...but we did get him a play flip phone by B. (they...
Perhaps also consider a diet change: sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, dye free, any or all of the previous...sometimes behavior and weight issues can stem from food allergies/sensativities/intolerances...you are familiar with some autistic kids improve on a gluten free and/or casein (dairy) free diet? Similar concept. Also, british studies have correllated ADHD and other behavior problems with the consumption of fake dyes.   Just something else to consider!
Hm, maybe there is a private or montessori or waldorf school that you can do part time? My SIL just enrolled her gals two (or 3?) days a week. THey are older than yours, but she just started a business and needs to work.
Sorry, I'm not super primal, but I am gluten free. Places with all you can eat breakfast were always a good option - eggs, meat, hashbrowns if you do that, you can always request fruit, veggie omlets, etc  Mongolian BBQ, just ignore the noodles, or have rice if you want, etc, other 'stir fry' places would probably work too, like Big bowl maybe. Steak joints, you can always get meat, many places have baked sweet potato as an option. You probably could even do mexican from...
Better play it safe for now just in case. You have to be very comfortable with where your raw milk is coming from. Like in CA, since it is very regulated so it can be sold in stores, i wouldn't hesitate to buy from there. But in other states, look into what their regulations are (like is it legal or not) and how it is monitored, distributed, etc.   I do think raw milk is a healthy food, you just have to make sure it is produced and collected in a healthy way. I do...
I've meade cheeseslave's cortido (really good)   just been reading http://www.pickl-it.com/   thinking of trying http://www.holistickid.com/how-to-make-a-ginger-bug/
I try to get the best meat I can, I've met the farmer who raises the animals, and then ration the meat. Sometimes there are meat centered meals, but mostly meat is a condiment or complement to the meal, to strech it out. A deck of cards is the right size for a serving. Bone broth would be a good place to start, it is very nourishing.
My lil guy didn't mind teeth brushing much, we'd get it in once a day...but after his first dentist appt, he began to LOVE it, he's want to brush 4 times a day! Have you gone to the dentist yet? First visits are very low key and 'fun'.   Have you tried a reward? There are some non toxic fingernail polishes out there. WHat about detangler spray? Or just getting a pixie hair cut?
Mine was a little older than that when I was pregnant, and I did still carry him occasionally, but I really worked on self reliance and independance when and where I could, like holding hands going up and down stairs, using the stool to get on/off the big  potty and brushing his teeth. He has a little chair in the kitchen too, for sitting and changing his boots or shoes (easier than both of us sitting on the floor) We also got a booster for the dining room chair and put...
Yes. TOtally fine. When I slept over at one friend's house, us (the girls) would get dibs on the bath first, then her little brothers would get their turn. You don't need to change water unless there is mud, or somebody pees. :)
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