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What about instrumental lessons with a college music major? Would be a little cheaper...
SHe needs professional help with the dyslexia. It will probably help with the math too....if words are jumbled, numbers could be jumbled too!  Maybe a private tutor? Have you looked to see if there is a local dyslexia club/association/group? they would have resources, classes, maybe even tutors....
Consider an alternative style, like Waldorf or Montessori, or maybe there is an environmental/outdoorsy charter school?   Look at all your options :)
I think the color of the bottle is supposed to help with oxidization/degredation...so colored bottle would be better?
Hm, perhaps gluten is your issue? Sounds like you improved after quitting that. You should consider celiac testing....but for the results to be most accurate you do need to be consuming gluten. Though there are some independant testing sources (google Enterolab)   Good luck!
Yes, there are some recipes floating out there...but most have egg. Try googling gluten free girl and the chef
Definately a supplement. But sometimes you may want to see the supplement before the pedi.  I've taken my lil guy since birth too, but you have to find a chiro who is comfortable with kids and works with kids a lot. Some just don't.  I take my lil guy in after any big falls/boo-boos that involve the head and neck. (Like going backwards of the picnic bench, etc) I didn't start going until I was an adult, and the chiro definately could see neck damage/degeneration (on an...
Ask about getting checked for Celiac disease. (my sister is hypothyroid and has celiac, but does not have weight issues Her celiac issues were initially caught becuase of malabsorbtion of her thyroid meds) I am build differently and did lose a TON of weight breast feeding. (I am also gluten intolerant, and figured that out after no other conclusion could explain my chronic fatigue, but don't have any current thyroid issues) Get as many fats as you can, butter and oil...
Celiac could be another autoimmune disease triggered!
ANy programs at the public library? Maybe he just needs someone else to get him going (ie not mom the authority figure) or maybe there is a pets/animals reading program out there? Pay a high school kid to 'tutor' him?
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